Dogecoin millionaire, Glauber Contessoto, reveals his next favorite memecoin

Dogecoin millionaire, Glauber Contessoto, reveals his next favorite memecoin - 106872490 1624459859222 106872490 1619110744500 image0 1A few days ago, in an exclusive interview, the millionaire Dogecoin said that, despite all the discouragement of family and friends, he decided to invest everything he had in Dogecoin after reading about cryptocurrencies on Reddit.

Was it a calculated move?

One of the main reasons behind Contessoto's investment in Dogecoin is Elon Musk, the billionaire behind Dogecoin's inevitable rise. Additionally, he was also disappointed in the stock market as GameStop Corp stock fell roughly 88,29% from an all-time high of $ 347,51 to $ 40,69.

He said, "Understanding what happened with GameStop and how unfair I felt the stock market was, I looked into crypto and realized this was an alternative way of investing my money."

Millionaire Dogecoin said he sold his Tesla shares and Uber and raised $ 250.000 with the help of Robinhood's margin investment function, subsequently investing all of it in memecoin. Earlier than expected, Glauber Contessoto became a Dogecoin millionaire in just 69 days, according to his April 16 Tweet, saying, "Hey guys, I just became a Dogecoin millionaire."

Contessoto, with a middle-class family and a hip-hop background, claims he has no knowledge of technical analysis and is mainly based on social media trends. His taste for cryptocurrencies differs from that of the pros and he prefers the newer coins with a smaller market cap, even if it is risky. Also, he tells everyone to do research before investing in crypto, especially memecoin.

His next big move

While millionaire Dogecoin shared his love of the latest coins, he stated that his second favorite meme coin is Floki Inu (FLOKI). In addition to the 4,3 million DOGE - worth $ 718.530 at the time of writing, at $ 0,1639 each - he said he hasn't sold any yet. Additionally, he owns more than 822 million FLOKIs - worth approximately $ 92.000 at the time of writing, at $ 0,0001084 each.

Contessoto believes Dogecoin combined with Floki Inu, named after Elon Musk's dog, can help him retire at 35 for $ 10 million and that "[he] will be happy."

The young memecoin FLOKI has already gathered a huge community around him thanks to his latest projects. The Floki Inu team is developing a non-fungible token (NFT) play-to-earn (P2E) video game called VALHALLA, an educational platform called Floki Inuversity, and a merchandise and NFT marketplace called FlokiPlaces. The benefits of the project have given hope to the millionaire DOGE.

No more Hip-Hop

Glauber Contessoto chose to quit his job in the hip-hop music company to grow his social media presence by creating “tons of content”. Last but not least, he has already become a cryptocurrency superstar with over 177k Twitter followers and 107k YouTube channel subscribers at the time of writing.

Millionaire DOGE didn't monetize his YouTube channel with Google Ads. Instead, he sells DOGE merch and creates promotional videos. He said he is earning 6 times more than his previous job.