The new BTC365 token offers cryptocurrency investment opportunities

New BTC365 Token Offers Cryptocurrency Investment Opportunities - Picture7 2 1024x575As traditional cryptocurrencies recover from their 3-month low, the BTC365 token offers investors a unique opportunity to enter the cryptocurrency market and leverage this momentum by reaping further gains from BTC365's special dividend pool.

Just last month, Bitcoin (quotation BTC) plummeted to around $ 30.000, more than 50% off its record high of $ 64.829 in mid-April. Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB), the two largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, followed quickly, burning nearly $ 200 billion from the cryptocurrency market on May 17.

The market has since experienced a partial recovery, with BTC, ETH and BNB retracing around 30-85% to their May lows. In addition to owning these volatile coins directly, the newly launched BTC365 token provides an alternative means for potential investors and users to increase their exposure to the cryptocurrency rebound while earning rich dividends.

What is the BTC365 token?

The BTC365 token is designed for use on the revolutionary BTC365 crypto gaming platform. BTC365 allows users to bet entirely in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Users can then earn BTC365 tokens at a rate of 1 BTC365 token per 1 mBTC wagered. Users and investors can therefore quickly increase their BTC365 token availability by being active on the platform. 

Why does this help investors?

In addition to providing investors with exposure to the cryptocurrency market, the BTC365 token allows investors and users to claim their own BTC365 dividend. This single pot comprises a percentage of BTC365's gaming revenue. The money inside is then redistributed to users and investors based on the number of BTC365 tokens they own as a percentage of the current token fluctuation.

This means that in addition to their actual winnings from playing on the BTC365 platform, these tokens also entitle users and investors to an additional percentage of BTC365's revenue.

BTC365's VIP system also provides an additional reward for active users and investors. Along with BTC365 tokens, users and investors earn VIP points while playing. These VIP points contribute to their VIP rank, entitling them to a growing variety of rewards as they are promoted, such as NFT, Genesis Tokens, iPhones, and a mining multiplier that increases the number of BTC365 tokens earned per unit wagered.

How can I get involved?

BTC365 currently offers a 100% first deposit bonus and a limited time tiered Dogecoin distribution for VIPs who apply by July 2021.

Investors wishing to take advantage of this opportunity can go visit the official website to create their accounts and make their first deposits. And are you interested in bets that also involve the cryptocurrency sector? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.