The Yummy taxi service integrates payments with Binance Pay in Venezuela

Yummy taxi service integrates payments with Binance Pay in Venezuela - Binance Pay2 678x381 1As of April 12, the Yummy taxi service and delivery app has enabled the ability to use Binance Pay as a payment method for users in Venezuela.  

In a message posted on Twitter, LegalRocks CEO announced the news, announcing to his followers the integration of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance into the Yummy Rides taxi service.  

Growing demands for Yummy

The fact was then confirmed on Yummy's official account and on that of the company's CEO, Vicente Zavarce, who stressed that the service will be based only on the use of stablecoins or so-called stable currencies, with tether (quotation USDT in real time) which is one of the most traded in Venezuela.  

Before the integration, users could only pay for Yummy taxi services through Pago móvil, Yappe, Zelle, cards and PayPal. The adoption of this new payment method with Binance Pay has to do with the growing demand from Venezuelan users, who have asked the company to add more methods that allow them to make greater use of cryptocurrencies.

To activate the new payment method, users only need to update the Yummis app, where Binance Pay is already integrated. With this platform created by the well-known exchange, cryptocurrencies and stablecoins can be sent and received without commissions. It works by scanning the QR codes of payment recipients in the app. 

Users applaud the integration and hope it will be extended to other services

In learning about the integration of payments with cryptocurrencies, most users expressed their satisfaction, although many persistently asked if the new payment option would also be available for the delivery service (home delivery). 

In this regard, Zavarce has clarified that for now only Binance Pay payments will apply to the delivery service. He did not indicate whether there is a possibility to extend the delivery at a later date.  

Yummy Rides is a taxi service available in Venezuela from July 2021, which was developed by the Yummy delivery services app.  

The transportation initiative offers Venezuelans a new alternative to travel (Uber-style) anywhere in various parts of the country, including the metropolitan area of ​​Caracas, the cities of Valencia and Maracay (in the center of the country), and Barquisimeto ( West).  

In addition to Venezuela, the application (available for iPhone or Android) is currently active in Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and Panama. And would you like this type of service? Would you also take it to Italy? Or will we never have similar services here? Let us know in the comments section below.