Tesla's website adds "Shiba" to the source code for payments, but probably not for SHIB

Tesla website adds "Shiba" to source code for payments, but probably not for SHIB - https specials images.forbesimg.com imageserve 1173565648 0x0The Tesla Official Website (Tesla shares - ticker TSLA) now refers to a payment type "SHIBA" in its source code, sending Shiba Inu Coin hodlers into a frenzy, as they thought Elon Musk's company will soon accept SHIB.

You can access the backend code through Tesla checkout or through this V2 code. Verified by both cryptocurrency and Tesla reporter Sawyer Merritt. It sees the "SHIBA" feature along with Bitcoin, Apple Pay, and many other potential payment methods.

However, SHIB hodlers should probably rethink before lining up a Model S. Here's why.

Tesla's website includes the Shiba reference

Although the website refers to "SHIBA", the code does not trigger the execution of any scripts, nor is it enabled.

However, a programmer suggested that the code could be part of a new "Crypto" payment gateway at checkout. Tesla had previously accepted Bitcoin as a payment method, but removed it after citing environmental concerns.

Instead, it could be a simple joke designed to make fun of cryptocurrency holders. The "ShibArmy" turned its back on Elon Musk, after the CEO confirmed he does not own any SHIB. This recent addition could be a joke at their expense. Some hodlers suspect that anyone with access to Tesla's website backend may have just added it as a joke.

According to Watcher.Guru, the reference to “Shiba” has been removed from the page. However, the V2 code still appears to include the term.

Alternatively, the code only mentions SHIBA and not SHIB, the official ticker for Shiba Inu Coin. It could be a code name for another payment method: Dogecoin.

Elon Musk's support for Dogecoin is well documented

The Dogefather recently described DOGE as "the people's cryptocurrency" and confirmed they own DOGE. With his Space-X company already accepting Dogecoin for its DOGE-1 mission, it seems more likely that SHIBA may be a nod to the upcoming support for Dogecoin.

The official SHIB account also tweeted the code, albeit with moderate expectations of its hodlers.

However, some SHIB-based accounts have warned of the dangers of this speculation. Much like the rumors suggesting Robinhood might accept Shiba Inu, the exaggerated rumors could lead to a significant SHIB crash when denied - similar to what happened after Musk denied he owns SHIB.

And what do you think of this situation? Do Tesla really have time to waste making fun of SHIB owners? Let us know in the comments section below.