Verasity VRA token increases by 300%

The Verasity VRA token increases by 300% due to its product and sales strategy.

There are millions of publishers competing with YouTube and Facebook for views. Since most can't compete, add the YouTube player to their site and hope for the best. The best is not much. YouTube and Facebook provide an excuse for revenue in exchange for those views and therefore publishers die like flies.

Simply creating a video sharing platform isn't a solution because no matter how good the platform is, who will take the trouble to move from YouTube to watch some content when they have a whole world of content on YouTube. QAre any kids under 18 years looking at something other than YouTube? Only their favorites like Walking Dead and Game of Thrones if they can't torrentarlo (see bittorrent).

What must a publisher do to counteract these monopolies?

Press users to watch content they already enjoy on the publisher site. Once a publisher can check their content and views, its revenue and involvement increase by 4x.

(IAB statistics) Salvation for publishers is through award-winning content. But the problem with award-winning content today is that prizes are everywhere and not in one place. Some publishers reward in newspapers, others for competitions, points and digital tokens. Viewers rarely know which editors reward and where.

How did we solve this problem?

Verasity fadorns the tools for publishers to hire on YouTube and Facebook. VeraWallet is integrated into the video player (go to: and can provide any type or reward as long as the default prize is VRA. Viewers can then find all their loyalty programs, points, refunds in one place in their video player that they open every day to watch videos.

Is this solution unique?

It is patent pending and unique and as far as we know there are no platforms offering similar technology and solution.

How does this help VRA?

Publishers purchase VRA at market price to reward users for watching content, taking out a discount, and driving any number of shares. Purchasing VRA from publishers drives the economy and increases the number of VRA users.

VRA Ecosystem

The Verasity VRA token increases by 300% - vra ecosistem

Payment, loyalty, and rewards allow transactions between publishers, content owners, brands, advertisers and visitors. They interact directly with each other and all transactions are managed by VRA, therefore intermediaries such as YouTube or Facebook are not required.

How does it work?

● Spectatorsi watch videos and announcements on a website using Verasity technology and are rewarded with VRA. They are also rewarded multiple VRAs for reporting multiple users.

● Publishers purchase VRA to reward users and create valuable audiences that monetize through ads, e-commerce or subscriptions.

● To reach and engage potential customers who view videos, advertisers purchase VRA to reward viewers who watch their ads. This releases the true value of each view.

● Users can bet on their VRA and receive daily prizes for doing so. The VRA stability program encourages the economy to hold VRA. For complete information on the VRA episode, read our post here.

● Verasity is aimed at a wide range of publishers and users who will implement a simple conversion method to allow users to purchase and exchange their VRA.

How does Verasity spread its Video Player technology to millions of publishers?

When you watch your favorite content on a website, it is likely to be powered by one of the 10 video player platforms that dominate video streaming. These include Vimeo, JW Player, Brightcove, Video.js, Kaltura and others. Most of these platforms are business to business and therefore you may not have heard of them, but the largest broadcasters in the world such as Discovery, Eurosport, Fox, Sky, BBC, Viacom, Lamborghini (yes, the Lambo website) use third party video platforms to feed the video streaming of the content you love to watch.

With Verasity integrating its technology module into all these video player platforms, the video awarded by Verasity will be omnipresent and available to every publisher, which means that potentially millions of viewers can be rewarded in VRA.
Un key goal for Verasity in 2019 is to engage video publishers. To facilitate this, we are developing integrations with many industry-leading tools like Vimeo, JW Player, Brightcove and others to allow publishers to quickly and easily start using Verasity technology and then increase the demand for VRA. By not interrupting the current publisher workflow, we have made it easy for any publisher to provide VRA-rewarded video viewers to their viewers. Our exclusive player technology is already available for 280.000 video publishers with 240 million users and 50 billion monthly views.


The Verasity video player, VeraWallet and future Verasity products will be branded "Powered by Verasity”So that viewers will see that the technology is Verasity. In addition, by rewarding viewers with VRA and providing references, VRA and Verasity as a name will be disseminated in the world of online video. VRA will be synonymous with award-winning video!

About Verasity is a leading video player that offers exclusive video playback technology for major video publishers worldwide.

The patent pending Video Player allows VRA rewards, monetization schemes and loyalty within the video player's portfolio. Our exclusive player technology is already available for 280.000 video publishers with 240 million users and 50 billion monthly views. This brings engagement, audience and revenue to YouTube video publisher sites. Our attention-based model creates a thriving VRA token economy among viewers, video publishers and advertisers.

Truth is the future of online video.

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