In Germany it is proposed to reward those who fight climate change with cryptocurrencies

In Germany it is proposed to reward those who fight climate change with cryptocurrencies - Greta Thunberg

Il climate change it is increasingly on the agenda. To bring it back with arrogance under the magnifying glass of public opinion was Greta Thunberg, the Swedish girl who promoted the environmental strike to try to make the policy aware of its consequences.
In fact, it seems that the strategy put in place has been quite profitable, even if there have been controversies about the excessive media exposure with which Thunberg was rewarded, which someone has interpreted in an extremely mischievous way. This statement is demonstrated not only by recent statements by various institutions, which seem to open up an intensification of efforts to avoid global warming, but also some political initiatives. Like that put in place in Germany twigs Liberal Democratic Party (in German Liberal-Demokratische Partei Deutschlands, LDPD).

The initiative of the Liberal-Demokratische Partei Deutschlands

Reward cryptocurrencies with anyone who takes concrete action to remove carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. This is the proposal of the Liberal-Demokratische Partei Deutschlands, according to what reported by the information portal Welt. The LDPD management says that the limitation of the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere would no longer be sufficient and that in order to slow down global warming, it is necessary to start eliminating the greenhouse gases already emitted, globally.
If so far we are in a field already covered by others, however, the recipe with which the German party proposes to reward those who will give life to initiatives in this direction is arousing a certain surprise. The prize, in fact, would consist of token of a new one criptovaluta to be realized for this purpose, called Arbil.

How Arbil will work

Even more surprising is the rewards device set up by the proposers, according to which the value of Arbil would be guaranteed by the possibility of exchanging the cryptocurrency with emission certificates. A single Arbil would correspond to a certificate from a ton of carbon dioxide, whose value is around dollars 30.
To explain the reward mechanism was Frank Sitta, Vice-President of the Party, explaining that the Blockchain launched to support Arbil would mix with the already functioning national emissions trading systems.

The environmental problem represented by mining

However, Sitta himself has not resolved the contradiction immediately highlighted by some analysts, namely how it would be possible to fight against global warming with a medium like cryptocurrencies destined however to impact the environment with mining.
Just think about the recent attack carried out in August by Pat Gelsinger, CEO of the cloud computing company VMWare, against Bitcoin (BTC), which he defined as a real damage to humanity. In support of his opinion, he indicated the high energy consumption, which actively contributes to climate change, if you only think that in order to add a single entry to the distributed BTC register it is necessary to consume the equivalent of electricity with the which usually supplies a home, at best. A figure that should be taken into account when it comes to digital assets.