Intel partners with Microsoft to fight cryptojacking attacks 

Intel partners with Microsoft to fight cryptojacking attacks - MicrosoftARM 720 1024x576Although recent studies have shown a slowdown in cryptojacking activities, particularly those related to privacy coin mining, Intel remains on guard and is always looking for new ways to crack down on these illegal activities. Notably, the tech giant has partnered with Microsoft to implement a campaign that strengthens cryptojacking detection with new technologies.

The tool could trigger multiple detectors to block any cryptojacking threats

According to the announcement, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint now integrates a threat detection tool known as Intel Threat Detection Technology (Intel TDT). The TDT was designed by Intel to launch an endpoint detection of cryptojacking threats before they hit a system.

The technology can enable detection of machine learning based on Central Processing Unit (CPU) -based encryption. This, without compromising users' computers in any way, the companies said in a joint announcement.

Frank Dickson, vice president of the Security and Trust program at International Data Corporation (IDC), expressed his views on the detection tool:

“Telemetry and silicon-level functionality enable the computer hardware platform to play an active role in defending against threats against 'over the operating system' attacks. Clearly, the goal is to enable today's and tomorrow's Intel-based systems to be fundamentally more secure and have lower malware infection rates than AMD, Apple, and other ARM-based processor systems. ”

Overall, what the tool does is send a high-fidelity signal that triggers multiple detectors across the corporate fleet without reducing system resources.

Cryptojacking attacks are losing momentum

Cryptojacking is a malicious cyber attack in which threat actors install crypto mining apps on computers belonging to individuals or companies. Their goal? Illicitly mine cryptocurrencies, using the resources of attacked systems.

Such actions significantly reduce the performance of affected computers, and some malware and some cryptojacking attacks have enough capabilities to extend their arms across an entire computer network.

However, recent studies reported in early April that cryptojacking attacks related to monero mining (quotation XMR) fell for the first time since 2018.

The threat actors in cryptojacking attacks mainly leverage XMR cryptocurrency for its privacy, which has been well documented in research by other intelligence firms.

In short, something is finally being done in the direction of safety. And have you ever been attacked directly or indirectly by this type of threat? Today it seems much safer to own an Intel processor, if only for the effort the company is making to protect its users. Although it is evident that in the Apple environment, things have generally always gone well. What do you think of the announcement made by Intel and Microsoft? Let us know in the comments section below.