JK Rowling asks about Bitcoin. Twitter's Crypto community surprises her

JK Rowling asks about Bitcoin. The Twitter Crypto community surprises her - jk rowling 1024x576JK Rowling probably didn't expect to unleash the repressed passion and imagination of the bitcoin community when he tweeted a post asking about bitcoin. But that's how it went for the author of the Harry Potter series.

Bitcoin explained using Harry Potter

Responding to a tweet from CoinDesk senior reporter Leigh Cuen, Rowling tweeted: “I don't understand bitcoin. Please explain it to me. " In just two hours, his tweet had generated 1.300 replies. In the end, it took her less than three hours to respond: "I don't think I trust this [bitcoin]."

In an attempt to speak the language of Rowling, many have begun to compare bitcoins with the magical world from his books. "Remember how He-who-should-not-be-named put seven horcruxes into different objects around the world in an attempt to be immortal, so that no one, not even the Ministry of Magic, could stop him?" tweeted blockchain lawyer Jenny Leung.

He-who-must-not-be-named (AKA Lord Voldemort) thought it would be almost impossible for anyone to find all seven horcruxes, and this would make him indestructible. Likewise, bitcoin is made up of thousands of nodes around the world that run bitcoin software (although the number may decrease). It is unlikely to be destroyed since all these nodes should be closed at the same time to make the currency disappear from the web.

Steven Zheng, a crypto researcher from The Block, aimed his Harry Potter metaphor on the goal of bitcoin: giving users the freedom to do what they want. “Do you remember when Dobby was freed from a sock? Bitcoin is that sock, "he tweeted.

Dobby was a house elf in Harry Potter who wanted nothing more than his freedom, but according to the rules of the world of Rowling, house elves must be slaves to their owners until clothes are given to him.

A couple of other tweeters have tried to describe the quotation of bitcoin monetary policy by comparing it with the few financial elements scattered in Harry Potter. "Imagine if Gringott worked on the Floo network," said Zcash Foundation executive director Josh Cincinnati, referring to the only bank in the wizarding world and the Floo network, the fireplaces that witches and wizards can use to instantly move to other places. .

No metaphor has managed to persuade Rowling

But in all these attempts to influence Rowling, perhaps some of the analogies exposed were a little too twisted. "Now I don't understand bitcoin," replied a bitcoiner. And Rowling herself didn't seem impressed by the explanations that were sent to her.

"People are now explaining Bitcoin to me and honestly it's a bla blah blah collectibles (My Little Pony?) Blah blah blah computer (do you have one) blah blah blah crypto (it looks disturbing) blah blah blah I understand the risk (I don't , I think) tweeted Rowling. Almost four hours after her initial tweet, Rowling was still replying to various members of the Twitter Crypto community, explaining why bitcoin wasn't for her.