Jobchain streamlines job search and salary payment with cryptocurrency

Jobchain Optimizes Job Search and Salary Payments with Cryptocurrency - ImageThe famous Spain-based project Jobchain has developed an intuitive blockchain solution that allows employers to seek out talent and pay employees with cryptocurrency, thus saving valuable time. And some of the major companies have already experienced the benefits of the real world.

Jobchain's goal

There is nothing more attractive to cryptocurrency advocates than accessing multiple products that generate crypto income. Hence, the emergence of Jobchain has found a strong following amid the growing demand for digital assets. The ecosystem proposes radical solutions to global unemployment and underemployment crises and enables a blockchain platform where employers and potential employees can network.

For Jobchain, the goal is simple: get as many people to participate in a blockchain-based decentralized labor economy. The platform seeks to remove all forms of barriers and offer job seekers additional protection against a rigged and centralized system.

But the most remarkable thing about this project is probably the way it eliminates cross-border restrictions for job seekers. According to Jose Bay, founder and CEO of Jobchain, job seekers only need to submit their details, including experience and education, in a decentralized database. Profiles are readily available to potential employers who may choose to sort talent based on availability, location and compensation level.

Possibility to receive salaries in JOB cryptocurrency

Since Jobchain's offering is deeply rooted in the ethics of blockchain and decentralization, it also allows you to receive remuneration in cryptocurrency. Therefore, Jobchain not only allows employees to evade the pitfalls of bureaucracy, but also offers a fairly innovative financial product. With JOB, the platform's native token, employees can receive their salary from anywhere in the world. A similar initiative was introduced earlier this year in Miami, where city employees can receive part or all of their compensation in Bitcoin.

Many companies have already started testing the feasibility of this unconventional payroll solution based on JOB tokens. A shining example is the Spanish league footballers who will start receiving JOB salaries shortly. There is also an increase in the number of major company profiles added to the Jobchain network.

Jobchain believes that cryptocurrency payments solve recurring problems encountered while processing paychecks. This alternative payment infrastructure makes payments faster. Instead of waiting days to confirm payments, JOB allows immediate payment at no additional cost.

Recognizing that not everyone is comfortable with cryptocurrency and maintaining a digital wallet, the project has introduced ways for people to receive JOB tokens via conventional forms. A new option has already appeared to pay for JOB tokens in prepaid Visa cards. With this option, cardholders can use JOB tokens as a payment method at any time wherever Visa card is supported. 

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