Joe Rogan: I have a lot of hope for cryptocurrencies

Joe Rogan: I have a lot of hope for cryptocurrencies - 869384308.0The American comedian, UFC commentator and host of one of Spotify's best podcasts - Joe Rogan - said cryptocurrencies could become a financial tool that will improve people's lives. However, he did not rule out the possibility that the industry could "collapse completely".

Lots of hope for cryptocurrencies

During his recent podcast, Joe Rogan interviewed Adam Curry - an internet entrepreneur and prominent media personality. The duo discussed the merits of digital assets and their implementation in the future monetary system.

Rogan doubled down on his support for the cryptocurrency industry, and more specifically, Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to him, these two assets are the most popular among the company:

“I have high hopes for cryptocurrencies, really. I don't know much, but Bitcoin and Ethereum seem to be the ones people talk about the most ".

He also envisioned two possible scenarios for the world of cryptocurrencies.

“Either it will collapse completely, or we will use this as an opportunity to right the ship and find a better way to live our lives. It will be one or the other, ”he said.

His host Adam Curry explained the difference between Bitcoin and alternative currencies. He admitted that invests only in the primary cryptocurrency, as there will only be 21 million coins.

"It can't be inflated, and the same can't be said for Ethereum," said the 57-year-old American.

Furthermore, Curry highlighted the cracks in the current financial network, saying it is "broken, causing inflation, misery" and even wars. He concluded that being on the "bitcoin train" could provide protection against adverse reality.

What about NFTs?

They also touched upon the role of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the future financial network. Rogan believes that at some point, companies could launch their own digital collectibles, which customers should use to purchase their products:

“Apple could easily do it. It's almost like another version of the stock or something. "

It's worth noting that last year, he had a rather different stance on NFTs, calling them a "cryptocurrency scam, which doesn't make any sense."

But according to Curry, the chances of this happening are slim. Instead, he predicted that governments will set their sights on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) ”.

“You will have cryptocurrencies. You will have a digital wallet. It will be straight from the Federal Reserve to you ”.

And what do you think of the words of the American comedian? Will he be right to place so much hope in digital currencies? Let us know in the comments section below what you think.