The Enigma Blockchain has a new name and greater protection of customer privacy

The Enigma Blockchain has a new name and enhanced customer privacy protection - enigmaReviewEnigma's mainnet was renamed Secret Network after a community proposal was unanimously approved online on May 17. The new website, Twitter account, blogs and other digital resources were published in the middle of this week.

"Bringing privacy to public blockchains"

The Secret Network, so called to describe its decentralized governance, is an open source network that protects data for users of decentralized applications, now known as the "Secret App".

With 28 validators active, the vote was in part a move to bring the main participants from different ecosystems under a single identifiable umbrella, in part a way to attract developers and Investors.

With the rebrand now complete, we await new updates created by the developers. Major contributors to mainnet and governance development include Enigma, and Chain Of Secrets.

"Enigma is excited that branding for the mainnet blockchain now better reflects the joint effort to support the chain, its growth and mission - to bring privacy to public blockchains," said Tor Bair, head of growth. by Enigma.

The Secret Network protocol allows decentralized applications to use encrypted data without revealing it on a public blockchain or even to the nodes themselves, using smart contracts called "Secret Contracts".

The secret contract testnet will be launched in a few weeks. As previously stated by the developers, the goal is "to create a secure off-chain environment capable of processing sensitive and private blockchain data with end-to-end encryption".

If the testnet is integrated into the mainnet with a vote, Enigma will become a top-level blockchain with smart contracts that preserve privacy, according to Bair.

A cryptocurrency as guarantor of the blockchain

The mainnet is based on the Cosmos software development kit, an independent parallel blockchain network that uses the Tendermint consensus algorithm. The network has as its guarantor a coin called "secret" sold at the time of the original launch in February.

The idea is to expand that name to the entire community-led network. "The" Secret Network "brand takes its name from its native currency (Secret, SCRT), as well as from the concepts existing in the ecosystem such as secret node, secret contract and secret app.

The Secret Network now has its own community-managed website, "says a new post published on the site. This occurs a few months after an Enigma MPC agreement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for charges related to the sale of the blockchain startup's $ 45 million token in 2017.

From now on, the validators on the Secret Network will be known as the "secret node" and the data being processed will be kept encrypted by the node itself. The network also plans to launch a testnet in which validators can help develop this new function.

"Enigma and the Secret Network community are looking forward to our testnet and Secret Games, where we will continue to test the secret contract features for the network," said Bair.