The cryptocurrency community is determined to blow the price up

The cryptocurrency community is determined to blow the price - p017kq8sTamadoge is part of the latest generation of memecoins that serve a purpose from the start. The platform will be based on a Play-To-Earn game with dog NFTs that players can keep, participate in challenges and earn cryptocurrencies.

After the cryptocurrency market crash of 2022, digital currencies are struggling to recover. But while most cryptocurrencies are trying to catch up, the one we're about to see is raising $ 16,5 million in its presale.

According to several analysts, its price will explode after launching in the DEX and CEX for trading. 

What is Tamadoge cryptocurrency (TAMA)?

TAMA is Play-To-Earn Tamadoge native cryptocurrency. Unlike Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, which were launched without a real project, the Tamadoge platform is based on a fun game that takes place in a metaverse called Tamaverse, where users can interact and participate in different activities. 

The goal of the game is to take care of the NFT dogs. The game is partly inspired by the famous Tamagotchi handheld game from the XNUMXs. 

You have to feed your animals and make sure they are well cared for in order to challenge other players' NFTs. Players who neglect NFTs risk losing their progress and their lovely dogs' NFTs will turn into Tamaghost.

Tamadoge gives the TAMA token real use, unlike meme currencies in general.

All in-game transactions are done using TAMA, the platform's native currency, which is also distributed to participants through a rewards program. 

Dogepoints are earned when players complete missions and advance their canine NFTs; at the end of the month, the players with the most points are rewarded with TAMA tokens. 

In 2023, the site also intends to provide augmented reality features, which will allow users to experience Play-To-Earn in a new way. Each animal has its own personality and traits. 

The TAMA token

TAMA tokens natively have a wide range of applications that will only grow over time. Players can freely buy, sell and trade NFT animals for TAMA tokens on the NFT Market which will be created by the developer team. TAMA tokens can be purchased now on the Tamadoge official site.

Trading of this token will also be launched on CEX and DEX so that people who have lost their presale can purchase Tamadoge (TAMA) tokens.

Tamadoge's design has been crafted in accordance with the security standards of the cryptocurrency industry. The site has undergone a KYC process on CoinSniper and passed a Solid Proof audit.

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