The spread of the coronavirus intensifies in the United States, India orders the lockdown

The spread of coronavirus intensifies in the United States, India orders the lockdown - 3d7c5b2146ac04ffd51752e17ff2a619India is also imposing national quarantine. In addition, WHO believes that the United States may become the next hot spot in the coronavirus pandemic.

After Italy, Britain, India and many other countries are also imposing a hardcore quarantine. The spread of coronavirus all over the planet is causing much panic among governments and also in the investment sector.

In many regions of the planet, the military is already patrolling the streets to ensure that the new restrictive decrees issued by individual governments are respected. As we know, most of the businesses deemed unnecessary in this time of emergency have been blocked.

Many European governments, including Italy, have also enacted special laws to deal with the emergency. And whoever breaks the quarantine for no valid reason will receive heavy fines.

Edoardo Campanella of UniCredit Bank Milano says that the global recession is around the corner: "The global health crisis is rapidly turning into a global recession, since there is a clear correlation between preventing infection and ruining the economy".

Wall Street goes up again after the announcement of 2.000 billion dollars in aid

Investors temporarily stopped their devastating reaction to the covid-19 panic. This was because the Fed promised $ 2 trillion in aid. The United States Senate must now pass this bill, paving the way for the recovery of the US economy.

But can states really avoid total annihilation? The big equity buyout of the Investors it could favor the numbers for some time, maybe for a week. But how will it go next? Margaret Harris recently spoke in Geneva, citing a report stating that covid-19 infection in the United States is on the rise.

This could cause panic to increase, as people are sitting at home, watching the news and spending their savings. The lack of coordinated action is the worst part of the United States' reaction to the virus.

The healthcare system has never been ready to receive a crazy wave of patients like the one that is expected now. Hospitals in the United States have local health management which in this case is not functional. President Donald Trump says the government is doing everything it can. Elon Musk purchased and supplied 1255 lung ventilation devices for California.

Indian Prime Minister fears the spread of coronavirus in Delhi

Narendra Modi said that the national quarantine will last 21 days. Around mid-May, over a million people could become infected, analysts say.

It is one of the largest cities in India and should follow prevention rules: "The only way to save us from the coronavirus is to not leave our homes, no matter what happens, we stay home," urged the prime minister.

In India, there are currently 9 deaths and 482 confirmed cases, but considering that the virus is spreading over a large territory, the picture could change at any time.