The NSA is working on its own cryptocurrency

The NSA works at its cryptocurrency - National Security Agency

La National Security Agency (NSA) would be about to launch one his cryptocurrency. This was stated Ann Neuberger, director of the Cybersecurity Directorate of the same agency, which then added that it would be a virtual currency "Quantum resistant", or rather conceived with the precise intent of being able to resist hypothetical attacks that were carried out with the use of quantum computers. According to some specialists, these devices, with their great computing power, represent a threat to the cryptocurrencies currently existing.

What is the Cybersecurity Directorate

The Cybersecurity Directorate is the department specifically set up in July within the NSA in order to prevent threats to national computer security systems and the country's industrial defense base, preventing them from happening again. In practice, this is a step forward for the same agency towards a sector, that of the cybersecurity, which had previously been indicated as a strategic objective. For over a year, in fact, the NSA had begun to deal with digital assets and Blockchain technology, activating an intense activity of collecting data on their users.

According to some hypotheses there would be just the NSA behind the Bitcoin

Already in the past some rumors have indicated in the National Security Agency the institution involved in the creation of Bitcoin. The rumors circulating in this regard would have it that Satoshi Nakamoto, the alias behind the true identity of the creator of BTC, has collaborated with the agency, while according to others the technologies used for the launching of the queen of cryptocurrencies would have been created and developed within the NSA.
Alternative theories, but not too much, compared to what is stated by Natalya Kasperskaya, co-founder of the famous Russian cybersecurity house, according to which BTC would be nothing more than a CIA move aimed at financing espionage activities outside state borders without having to submit its actions to the Congress for consideration.

Do we really need a new cryptocurrency of this kind?

The project put in place by the NSA has naturally aroused interest, precisely because there have been high alarms relating to several parts danger of attacks on digital currencies carried out through the use of quantum computers. These are devices that are currently not widespread, usually at institutions or companies interested in having greater computing power, but which could increase their penetration in the future. Precisely the greater computing power that they are able to ensure makes them potentially dangerous devices, suitable for use in particular against cryptocurrencies.
However, some experts say that it is precisely in this regard Bitcoin would have the ideal characteristics to easily resist attacks carried out in this way. The question that follows is therefore the following: do we really need a digital currency like the one proposed by the NSA, or quantum resistant? Perhaps not, but a similar move demonstrates the willingness on the part of the US security apparatuses to test technologies that could prove valuable in various activities and perhaps begin to understand the real dangers inherent in those connected to the world of digital assets. The same that many observers believe can help a lot the criminal economy.