Fear of the economic crisis forces the Spaniards to seek refuge in bitcoin

Fear of the economic crisis forces Spaniards to seek refuge in bitcoin - bitcoin Espana buysThe latest monthly report on inflation in Spain sparked the anger of the population on social networks: “Didn't they say that the price increase was temporary? How long will it go on like this ", we read on the web. The rate of price increase is now 7,6%, the highest in 35 years, which means that people have less and less money and are looking for alternative savings such as bitcoin (BTC).  

In Spain, inflation seems unstoppable

This relentless inflation is worrying because Spain has always been seen as one of the major European powers. While its economy has never been number one, it has remained one of the best places to live. Unlike other countries where wages are higher and money is more abundant, there is something unique about the Spanish people that makes people from all over the world want to live here.  

Its climate, culture, landscapes, infrastructure and the priority given to leisure in daily life are some of the factors that make the standard of living in Spain better than in other parts of Europe and the world. So much so that it is still among the countries with the highest life expectancy in the world. And if you don't trust your studies, see how many elderly people you find on a terrace in broad daylight drinking a caña (beer).  

Although the quality of life that distinguishes Spain is something that is now at stake. Everything is becoming more and more expensive and indulgence is becoming more and more difficult as inflation rises. At the moment, the country is one of the countries with the highest inflation in Europe. A list in which the country is higher and higher. 

And for now, there is no government solution on the table to put an end to this. In fact, it is quite the opposite. It has joined the global trend of saying that rising prices are the fault of Russia's war against Ukraine.  

Alternative ways to protect yourself financially 

As everywhere on the planet, the government is always looking for excuses to wash its hands of something it doesn't solve. Something that causes people to find their own ways to overcome the economic problems they cause.  

This is not new. It has always happened in history. What has happened is that the issue has gotten worse in recent years. Since 1987, inflation has never been as high as it will be in 2022. This weighs heavily on residents' wallets and has led them to look for alternatives to keep their money in order to make ends meet.  

This situation caused the inhabitants to show their discontent on social networks, where the bitcoiner community in Spain made its presence felt. For example, Mercedes Durán, author of the book “How to invest in bitcoin and create a millionaire mind,” wrote on Twitter: “Inflation in the United States reaches 7,9%. In Spain it's 7,6% and they want you to believe it's Putin's fault. Think back to everything you have swallowed without chewing in the last 2 years. AND buy bitcoin".