Popular TV presenter Ellen Degeneres asks about cryptocurrencies

Popular TV Presenter Ellen Degeneres Asks About Cryptocurrencies - Ellen DegeneresPopular TV host Ellen Degeneres asked Shark Tank star Mark Cuban about cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens during the Ellen Degeneres Show which aired last Tuesday. In addition to explaining how invest in cryptocurrencies a la Degeneres, Cuban tried to convince her to accept dogecoin in her store.

Ellen Degeneres tries to understand Dogecoin

Shark Tank star Mark Cuban appeared on Tuesday on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Degeneres is a popular comedian, television host, actress, writer and producer. Cuban is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks team of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

“Today, Mark Cuban taught me about dogecoin. I'm still not sure I understand or pronounce it, but it sure is fun to say, ”Degeneres tweeted.

Degeneres asked Cuban about cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). "Is this something we should all understand?" he said.

“The problem with NFTs is that they're just digital collectibles,” Cuban said. “Don't think about technology at all. It's just another thing to collect, it's just digital ”. 

The Shark Tank star added: “If you think about everything you value on your phone, especially younger children, their most precious possessions are things on their phone. An NFT is just a digital collector's item that you can buy, keep, sell like any other collector's item ”.

Before airing the interview with Cuban, Degeneres launched his first ever NFT to raise money for the World Central Kitchen (WCK). “Ellen goes after the latest Internet craze for a good cause by auctioning off a never-before-sold monologue and selfie featuring her original artwork.

On the subject of cryptocurrencies, Cuban explained to Degeneres is that "it's just a resource to invest in". He continued: “Bitcoin is like a digital version of gold. Ethereum is a digital version of a currency. And then you have dogecoin which is just funny, but the weird part has gone from being a cryptocurrency joke to becoming something that is becoming a digital currency. "

You should do like the Mavs!

The Dallas Mavericks began accepting dogecoins for payments in March via Bitpay. Cuban further added:

“At Mavs, we sell a lot of merchandise for dogecoin and you should use it for your shop. Guys, you could sell a lot of stuff for dogecoin ”.

Degeneres replied: "We will for sure." Noting that she was previously interested in investing in real estate, Degeneres said, "Now, I'm interested in dogecoin and I really want to know more."

Cuban explained to her how dogecoin started out as a meme cryptocurrency. The Dallas Mavericks owner then discussed cryptocurrency as an investment, noting that dogecoin is "a better investment than buying a lottery ticket."

However, Degeneres said she is skeptical of the customer knowledge process (KYC) and must provide her social security number when she signs up to purchase dogecoin through a service like Robinhood.