Could Elon Musk's “Halloween surprise” somehow involve Bitcoin?

Could Elon Musk's "Halloween surprise" somehow involve Bitcoin? - halloween gettyimages 172988453Billionaire inventor Elon Musk is known for leaving cryptic comments on Twitter, and his latest tweet is already making headlines. It's a reference to Neuralink, the AI ​​neural interface company he works at when he's not busy sending rockets into space or building electric cars. The tweet was short and sweet: “Neuralink progress update show & tell on 31 October (Halloween)”. Speculations immediately began as to what it could mean. 

So here's a purely speculative idea: Musk's so-called "Halloween surprise" will involve Bitcoin (quotation BTC). We all know that Musk is a Bitcoin enthusiast and that he has often discussed possible use cases for Bitcoin. Some have even speculated that Musk himself is Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious and anonymous inventor of Bitcoin. And guess what date did Satoshi Nakamoto publish his famous Bitcoin white paper? October 31, 2008. It's Halloween. Coincidence?

Cryptocurrencies and neurocurrencies

When Neuralink organized a show and tell last year, it involved a chimpanzee playing a video game with his brain. You can still see the demo on YouTube, and it's fascinating: A 9-year-old macaque is rewarded with a banana smoothie for playing Pong on a monitor. The title of the video was simply "Monkey MindPong". This has naturally led to a whole host of memes involving monkeys trading Bitcoins, people sending Bitcoins to each other with their brains, and monkeys designing Bitcoin, all thanks to the Neuralink chip in their brains.

What could Musk do to make an encore in 2022? One possibility concerns the so-called “neurocurrencies”. Once Neuralink is able to process your thoughts as a series of digital 1s and 0s, it will only be a matter of time before people are able to monetize, value and exchange those thoughts. Thought will become a form of money, a neurocurrency. What if Musk found a way to do it and it was Bitcoin? You know the old saying "A penny for your thoughts"? In the future, the new saying could be: "A Bitcoin for your thoughts". 

A new metaverse powered by Bitcoin?

In late 2021, Musk gave an interview in which he strongly discredited the current iteration of the metaverse. According to him, today's metaverse is just a bunch of corporate marketing jargon. He dismissed the idea of ​​people wearing masks or headphones and pretending to be in virtual worlds. Instead, he suggested, Neuralink would be the metaverse of the future. Once a digital chip is inserted into the brain, all actions will take place inside our brain. Think about how we create fictional characters and environments in our mind every time we read a new book, or how vivid our dreams are.

So if Neuralink becomes a metaverse, it will need some form of digital currency as a means of exchanging value between people. For example, if Neuralink will allow you to create a fictional digital metaverse that looks like Mars, you will need a token to purchase items in Musk's fictional Martian world. And why couldn't this token be Bitcoin? Every metaverse needs a digital currency. Just think of all the most popular metaverses. They all have a game token that is used to purchase items in their metaverse worlds. What if Musk was developing a way to allow people to explore the metaverse in their brains and then pay for the items with Bitcoin?

Connect all the points

Whatever happens on October 31st, it won't surprise me. Even if Musk announces that he really is Satoshi Nakamoto after all these years, he wouldn't surprise me. Man seems to be the mastermind behind every revolutionary invention of the last decade, so why not Bitcoin too? Recall that Musk started with PayPal and one of his original intentions was to create a new type of digital currency. His auto company Tesla was also one of the first publicly traded companies to invest in Bitcoin. Even today he is asked if he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Perhaps the "Halloween surprise" is a sleight of hand by Musk, who is a smart and witty type. Some think this surprise must somehow be about Halloween. It is speculated that Neuralink will unveil some sort of zombie brain creation on Halloween night. Frightening!

But I suggest something even more extravagant, something even more out of this world: Musk will unveil a metaverse-like digital world that takes place entirely within our brains and is powered by Bitcoin. Remember what Musk told us last year: "The funniest outcome is the most likely."