Ethereum's third largest whale just spent $ 14 million on these 3 Altcoins

Ethereum's third largest whale just spent $ 14 million on these 3 Altcoins - Altcoin 65A single crypto whale bought three altcoins worth over $ 14 million after several previous purchases.

The whale spends $ 14 million on MANA, SAND and CQT

Ethereum's third largest whale wallet, dubbed Light, has embarked on another shopping spree, adding three coins to a total purchase cost of $ 14,1 million.

According to data from WhaleStats, a blockchain transaction tracker that keeps an eye on the richest Ethereum wallet addresses and their assets, the Light wallet recently bought about 642.999 MANA, worth $ 1.845.409.

MANA is the native token of the Ethereum-based 3D virtual reality game Decentraland and is currently trading at $ 2,8 per unit.

The whale also bought the blockchain-based virtual world native token The Sandbox, adding about 426.000 SAND for a value of $ 2.044.800 in the first purchase, and another 1.703.978 SAND for a whopping $ 8.179.094. SAND is currently trading at $ 4,2 per coin at the time of reporting.

Finally, the Light portfolio purchased approximately 3.090.000 CQT for $ 2.039.319. CQT is the native token of Covalent Network, which provides a suite of application programming interfaces that allow developers to extract data from several leading blockchain platforms. It is currently trading at $ 0,6 per coin.

It's not the first time

The latest purchases made from this whale wallet are no surprise, considering they've previously made similar ones in the past few weeks.

The Light wallet, which currently holds a total value of over $ 4,3 billion in digital assets, began its latest shopping last week.

The whale bought more than $ 1,1 million worth of GALA tokens, more than $ 2,45 million in OMG tokens, over $ 24,1 million from LINK, and its largest purchase, Wrapped Bitcoin ( WBTC) for a whopping $ 86,4 million.

In all, the Ethereum whale has spent over $ 128 million on its recent purchases, adding two metaverse tokens and four more crypto assets.

In other news, a single whale bought about 4 trillion SHIBs, worth $ 136 million at the moment, within 24 hours.