The sale of digital works of art sets new records. “Picasso's Bull” NFT sold for $ 55.000

The sale of digital works of art sets new records. "Picasso's Bull" NFT sold for $ 55.000 - nifty gateway gemini lookback picasso s bull trevor jones cover image 1 1024x575During the first week of July, reported on growing sales of non-fungible token artwork sold on markets such as Opensea, Nifty Gateway, and Makerplace. Just recently, the NFT market Nifty Gateway broke records by selling a digital artwork created by artist Trevor Jones for $ 55.555.

A growing market

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital graphics have come together and the link between them has grown exponentially in recent years. During 2020, in particular, the NFT digital art ecosystem has grown significantly.

Statistics show that there have been 14.654 sales and $ 1,2 million in weekly trading volume between the last week Investors. The average price for a single NFT over the past seven days is around $ 82.

Looking at the latest price records, it shows that over 4,7 million NFTs were sold according to, and there was $ 103 million in global NFT trading volume. The average price for any NFT since their launch is $ 21,70, but there are some NFTs that sell for hundreds of dollars and even thousands.

"Picasso's Bull"

The data shows that the NFT Nifty Gateway market closed a record auction of a digital artwork called "Picasso's Bull". The 1/1 edition was created by Trevor Jones and sold for $ 55.555 on July 23rd.

The content was designed in the form of a Non-fungible token called nifty and sold to the highest bidder. Nifty Gateway was launched in March 2020 as an "all-in-one platform to buy, sell and store your digital art and collectibles or" nifties ".

Since the Nifty Gateway team launched the platform, the market has attracted artists such as Trevor Jones, Jon Burgerman, Kenny Scharf, and Cey Adams.

Significant business value

Both NFT markets, Opensea and Makerplace, have been doing very well in recent months as well. Famous artists on Makerplace include Frenetik Void, José Delbo, Javier Arrés and Katy Arrington.

Wonder Woman comic illustrator José Delbo appeared on NFT Markets last month. On Sunday, August 9, the largest number of NFT sales went to Sandbox with $ 294.000 in trading volume.

Sandbox is followed by Superrare ($ 248k), Sorare ($ 150k), Ethereum Name Service ($ 83k), Decentraland ($ 81k), Axie Infinity ($ 57k) and Makersplace ($ 35k) in the last 24 hours. The non-fungible token universe is growing wildly and has come a long way since the early days.

The $ 55.555 auction for “Picasso's Bull” is a record sale, but the NFTs sold for thousands of dollars years ago. One of the most famous sales in NFT history was the Rare Pepe Blockchain auction of the very rare “Lord Kek” collectible card (only 10 units). In 2017, “Lord Kek” was sold for a whopping $ 22.720.