Ancient Greece is the setting for a new animated series from Fox

Ancient Greece is the setting for a new animated series by Fox - 1200px Akropolis by Leo von Klenze 1024x701One of the upcoming animated TV series about ancient Greece will be called "Krapopolis," Fox Entertainment announced on Monday. At the initial presentation, it was also said that the series would use cutting-edge technology, including blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

New series set in Greece

The series was created and produced by Dan Harmon, who is no stranger to the small screen. The Emmy winner has produced blockbuster shows in recent history, including "Rick and Morty," which he co-created, and "Community," which he created himself.

His latest venture, “Krapopolis,” will be produced by Fox's animation studio Bento Box Entertainment. 

The series is set in ancient Greece and centers on an imperfect family of humans, monsters and gods, who try to manage without killing each other one of the first cities in the world.

This series will open up completely new and unexplored scenarios for Fox Entertainment. Not only is this the first scripted show that the network fully finances and therefore owns 100%, but it also allows Fox to venture into new business sectors.

“We have an animated show owned and financed by Dan Harmon's Fox Entertainment that will produce the Bento Box and it will be 100% ours. It will be broadcast on our network and will be available to stream on Tubi, ”said Charlie Collier, CEO of Fox Entertainment to whom he gave the green light for the new series on Ancient Greece.

“The series is also the first to move forward with our direct drive model,” added the CEO.

Blockchain TV program

“Krapopolis” is unique because it is the first television program to be curated entirely on blockchain. It is ushering in a new era for TV shows as it allows Fox to expand into the NFT business.

NFTs are a unit of data that can be stored on a blockchain and act as a guarantee that a digital asset is unique and authentic. You can store assets such as images, videos, audio and other digital files and consolidate their status as originals and therefore not interchangeable.

NFTs became very popular in 2021 and have been especially embraced by the art world to allow digital artists to certify and sell originals of their work on a medium that is generally hostile to exclusivity.

Fox and Bento Box Entertainment are expanding by working with NFTs on their new Ancient Greece series.

With the launch of the exhibition comes the opening of a dedicated digital marketplace by the company. The showrunners of the show will curate the digital goods to accompany the show, which will then be sold online. 

The network will use NFT technology to certify the authenticity of a range of products, including one-of-a-kind characters and backgrounds and GIFs, as well as tokens that provide exclusive social experiences for super fans.

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