Crypto-custody firm Anchorage is aiming for a growth plan with two new executives

The crypto-custody firm Anchorage is aiming for a growth plan with two new executives - anchorage 1024x538Anchorage now has six executives in its suite C, where a finance manager and sales manager with experience in both fintech and Wall Street have been hired.

The two new figures in the group of managers

Julie Veltman, who joins the company as chief financial officer, has issued new asset-backed securitisations for Merrill Lynch's structured product markets group. He also created a broker-dealer, debt issuance and fixed income trading platform for financial services firm Cohen & Company. Most recently, Veltman led Salesforce's financial planning, reporting, and efficiency.

Geoff Clauss, who joins Anchorage as sales manager, has over twenty years of experience in private equity, wealth management and fintech. Before Anchorage, Clauss spent seven years overseeing sales at the Addepar wealth management platform. He also spent 15 years with the investment software company Advent.

A signal that suggests the company's next objectives

Veltman will oversee the company's operational finance, daily operations and major brokerage products. The fact that Veltman's experience extends far beyond current Anchorage products is an indication of where the company wants to go, said co-founder and president Diogo Mónica.

"It is quite obvious that Anchorage has bigger ambitions than the current set of services offered," he said. "I think you can start following the crumbs and be able to understand where the direction of the company is pointing: Julie's background is absolutely perfect to support the goal we want to reach as a company", said Mònica referring to those who would like discover the company's future plans. The new moves clearly indicate the intention to establish itself in the sector and the direction chosen.

More employees and new products in the short term

The new hires mark the first time for the cryptocurrency custody company in which it will have employees with "such profound" experience that they will handle the company's sales and finance sectors, Mónica said.

Although the company will not hire other executives in the near future, it will continue to hire more employees during the current economic crisis. "We are completing our executive team and it really seems that, internally [in the project], we are getting to the next stage of the company's execution and maturity of the company," he said.

In the near future, Anchorage will announce new products related to quantitative analysis and risk modeling since the acquisition of Merkle Data in January, added Mónica. "We have already integrated a large part of the work done and very soon we will launch some products which in reality are already based so much on the work of new recruits," said Mónica.

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