Cryptocurrencies are good for Nvidia: strong growth in profits and revenues

Cryptocurrencies are good for Nvidia: strong growth in profits and revenues. Growing demands for mining hardware push Nvidia's quarterly.

Cryptocurrencies are good for Nvidia: profits and revenues in strong growth - nvidia

Continue on good Nvidia moment, the results of which seem to reflect the excellent trend in the business related to gaming and data centers, which increased revenues by 34% on an annual basis.

And so, after the publication of the quarterly data (the last quarter of 2017), the shares of Nvidia their quotations increased by 10%: merit of an EPS (earnings per share) of 1,78 dollars, on a turnover of 2,91 billions of dollars, higher than the analysts' expectations equal to 1,17 dollars per share of profit and 2,69 billions of dollars of revenues.

Cryptocurrency mining nvidia

The company however wanted to remain relatively vague on the influence of cryptocurrency mining on its last quarter's revenues, noting that it is difficult to identify the actual weight of this item. However, Nvidia's chief financial officer noted that demand for its GPUs related to cryptocurrency had "accounted for a higher percentage of revenue than in the previous quarter" and had "exceeded expectations".

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The most important business category for the company, such as production related to Gaming, brought in revenue for 1,74 billions of dollars. Nvidia has specifically highlighted the success of Nintendo Switch and his breakout launch as a fundamental contribution to its recent increase in turnover. Meanwhile, Nvidia's data center business revenue has more than doubled to $ 606 million.

The 10 percent post-quarter earnings are added to the other previous increments, with stock prices up an overall + 83 percent in the last 12 months.