Cryptocurrency companies renew themselves to better serve their users

Cryptocurrency companies renew themselves to better serve their users - cryptocurrencies 1Research to capitalize on the boom in cryptocurrencies and DeFi means that cryptocurrency companies must constantly be innovative to serve their users. If company "A" does not, it is sure that company "B" will fill that void. TrustToken and Phemex are among the many cryptocurrency companies that are constantly innovating and rolling out new features on their platform. In this article, we will look at some of the ways these companies are evolving to meet the needs of their users and better serve them.

TrustToken's new $ USDT loan pool

On June 18, 2021, TrueFi launched a new USDT loan pool for unsecured loans. According to strategy chief Ryan Rodenbaugh, USDT remains one of the most sought-after assets by cryptocurrency borrowers, and the new pool has grown rapidly in both size and usage.

The growth of these loan pools was aided by profitable incentives - depositors enjoyed loan interest and generous TRU token rewards totaling over 40-50% APY. In lending, utilization is key: with much of the capital unallocated, are TrueFi users “paying too much” for stablecoin deposits?

TrueFi governance responded quickly: a new proposal that adjusts pool incentives based on usage, hooking incentives for certain loan pools (of TUSD, USDC and USDT today) to their loan rate - dynamically - helping TrueFi reward the most productive resources.

The pools add a new way for cryptocurrency holders to earn returns by sitting in the safe haven of stablecoins during market swings. In fact, TrueFi pools can offer some of the highest earning opportunities on stablecoins and are free of temporary losses.

Phemex launches “Learn and Earn” on its platform

Since its launch in 2019, cryptocurrency and futures exchange Phemex has made great strides in the crypto space. The platform offers spot trading, contract trading and futures trading. Try to position yourself as the most trusted in the industry.

In its attempt to educate beginners about the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, Phemex recently launched its “learn and earn” program. The purpose of the new feature is strictly to incentivize new cryptocurrency users.

The new feature includes interactive videos and other intuitive lessons designed for beginners. To motivate these students, the cryptocurrency exchange has provided a way for students to earn rewards as they learn. At the end of each lesson, users will be presented with a short quiz to provide them with the correct answers. If a user answers all questions correctly, he will receive a reward from the platform. This becomes a good motivation for students to pay attention and be serious throughout the learning process.

Build better interaction with users

The innovative approach of crypto companies like TrustToken and Phemex is the tip of the iceberg, considering the high number of features introduced into the crypto space every day. It is an indicator that the cryptocurrency industry is still growing and there are even more reasons to cover. TrustToken and Phemex and other crypto platforms are constantly leveraging the boom in cryptocurrencies to better interact with their users.