Ledger X to the moon edition

Look what a wonderful surprise, Ledger, historic hardware wallet company, is celebrating its 5 years of activity with the release of the Ledger X to the moon edition.

Ledger to the moon edition - ledger to the monn

Ledger to the moon

The historic company, the first in the cryptocurrency sector to have created hardware that could contain our crypto without relying on an online exchange, is celebrating 5 years with this beautiful initiative, its ledger X , latest release, completely new and innovative compared to its brother Nano S, with box and device printed "to the moon".

This is an important incentive for all those who were undecided in giving or giving themselves the Ledger X, revolutionary as it can be managed without a USB cable, directly from the app from our smartphone, and extremely secure, both for its encryption and because, as we have repeatedly written, the greatest possible security for our wallet is a hardware Wallet.

What do you celebrate? About 4 offices, 175 employees, 1182 coins and about 6 devices made

 To the moon that means

It is a slogan, a battle cry or simply a phrase of good luck for all those who believe in the crypto sector and who believe in mass adoption as well as in the dizzying climb of the listing.

The rise in the price leads cryptocurrencies to have a graph that starts upwards in a dizzying way, from this, the parallelism to the moon as if you were starting on the moon.

If you have a ledger S?

Well, I also have a S ledger, but I'd like to switch to an x ​​ledger, it can hold about twice as many coins and you can use the S as an X backup, then go around with X and keep the S backup at home ...

Obviously screen printed To the moon would be a really nice present.

To give the Ledger x to the moon follow the link