Libra: the probable reasons for the launch of the Facebook stablecoin

These days everyone is talking about Libra the cryptocurrency that will come launched in the coming months by Facebook, but many are asking themselves a question: what and how much does Facebook gain from digital currency? Here are some hypotheses that led Zuckerberg to focus on the world of digital currencies with a new stablecoin. 

1-Earnings with Libra

(thanks to a payment simplification system)

According to one hypothesis, the realization of a stablecoin with low transaction costs it will be very useful to facilitate purchases on social networks without having to use a credit card or other intermediaries. Bloomberg It also reports that the Libra for Facebook project foresees the continuation of its projects in order to expand its activity in the field of payments and keep its customers within its apps, gaining a greater percentage than that equal to 2% who earns today. 

2-The most used stablecoin in the world 

Considering the influx of people who use Facebook social networks, What's App and InstagramLibra could quickly become the most influential and used stablecoin in the world. Precisely its being stable and convertible at the same value as FIAT currencies can involve a greater number of players interested in making payments with digital currencies through social channels. 

3-Provide customer service 

According to the newspaper Technology Review, Libra for Facebook it is a way to respond to the future needs of its customers. In fact, the technical description of the digital currency states that this is a challenge to create a proven solution that is able to provide the stability and security necessary to be able to support the billions of people who carry out transactions, facilitating them through an unauthorized network and without needing to have a checking account. In fact, everyone will be able to use Libra to do payments without going through intermediaries or banks. 

4 - A look to the future 

Most likely Zuckerberg and his team have thought of meeting to a future that seems inevitable. The company is famous for its bold choices, such as the purchase of Instagram, when the phenomenon of influencers in 2012 was still not so evident. So most likely, even the choice to create Libra, in a short future, could bring the company's revenues to dizzying numbers, even higher than those it can invoice today. 

5 - Beat competitors on time

At the moment, Facebook is the first tech giant to create a stablecoin, in fact the other big names in technology such as Google and Amazon have not yet allocated any resources, studies or experiments in the cryptocurrency sector. So most likely the choice to launch Libra in a short time it is a move to contrast the other big companies from Google to Apple.