Libra pushes Bitcoin beyond the 11 thousand dollars. Many are waiting for an unrestricted uptrend.

Libra pushes Bitcoin beyond the 11 thousand dollars. Many are waiting for an unrestricted uptrend. - Bitcoin

La Bitcoin bull phase (See bitcoin quotation) appears to be increasingly positive and investors in the field hope it will continue on this path. Some visionaries even await the achievement of an even higher value which is heading towards 100 thousand. 

Keeping up on what's going on today, digital currency prices broke through $ 11 yesterday on Asian markets and subsequently hit $ 11,307,69, a figure according to data from Coindesk at least since March 2018. The new wave of purchases has also led to an increase in earnings of 170% in the last year, which has been favored by the launch of the project on the launch of a virtual currency of Pound

Not only have some experts seen behind the recent growth of this cryptocurrency, an increase in demand from Indian investors who have grown steadily since March of the past year. 

Investors suddenly they overcame the fear of a bubble, and they shrugged off the pessimism that seemed to have hit the digital currency between 2018 and early 2019. In fact, Bitcoins had been hit by a negative trend that had passed its value from $ 19 in December 2017 to $ 3 in the worst dive period. 

At the moment, growth is not destined to slow down, on the contrary according to the expert analyst for technical analysis Peter Brandt broke the resistance of the 10 thousand, so over time it could manage to reach an amount equal to 100 thousand dollars. 

Bitcoin however, it could reach a more realistic figure of $ 20 first, as it was towards the end of 2017. In any case, this purchase impulse for many is due precisely to the presentation of Libra by Facebook. The strong recovery of the price of Bitcoin therefore is due to the mainstream interest for digital currencies and consequently also for the technology that supports them. At least this is the concept illustrated by the analyst Naeem Aslan who works for the ThinkMarkets trading group. 

Finally, according to what reported by Reuters, the digital currency markets remain opaque for this reason it is very complex to identify precise catalysts for the rises. Just think that between 10 on Friday evening and three at night only Bitcoin grew 10%. So it is not certain that these dynamics that are currently favorable can extend over the long term, even if for the moment there is still a bullish path for this digital currency.