The installation of ATMs for Bitcoin resumes after the decline of the last five months

Bitcoin ATM installation resumes after last five months' decline - TODAY THERE ARE OVER 3000 BITCOIN ATMs WORLDWIDE Switzerland shinesAfter a five-month drop in bitcoin ATM installation (quotation BTC) globally, June was a period of recovery for the sector. All this after growing steadily since 2016.

The drop may have affected ATM installations

The worst month for ATM installation was last May, when the number of new ATMs installed dropped to 205; while 882 new devices have already been installed in June, an increase of 330%, according to data from ATM Radar.

In December 2021, the figure hit 1.971 bitcoin ATMs installed, while in January this year the number started to drop to 1.690. In February it fell again to 969, in March to 770 and in April to 679. Then, as mentioned, May was the month with the fewest ATM installations this year.

In total, there are 38.014 bitcoin ATMs installed around the world. The United States continues to lead with 87% of the devices installed on its territory. South America only has 93 bitcoin ATMs, or 0,2%.

In terms of bitcoin ATM installations by manufacturer, the Genesis Coin company has installed 40%, equal to 15.545 ATMs. General Bytes follows with 21,6%, equal to 8.215, and in third place BitAcces with 16,1% and 6.128 ATMs.

The fall in bitcoin may have influenced the decline in ATM installations

One of the factors that may have affected the decline in ATM installations was the drop in BTC prices. Currently, the price of bitcoin has reached levels not seen since 2020. At the time of publication, the cryptocurrency is trading at US $ 23.700.

On the other hand, restrictive regulations against this sector could also be a reason why they have been affected. In some countries, such as the UK, ATMs are illegal.

2021 was the year of bitcoin ATMs

With 2022 marking a setback for the spread of bitcoin ATMs, 2021 can be considered the year in which the most positive data are recorded.

The number of bitcoin ATMs installed in 2021 almost doubled compared to January 1, 2020. Between September 2020 and the same month in 2021, the growth of bitcoin ATMs was 183%.