Listing a Token with Lescovex DEX is easy, cheap and dark!

The decentralized universal exchange in the Ethereum Lescovex DEX DAPP network. offers a versatile and easy-to-use platform for global tokenization. Its platform for issuing smart contracts and trading criptovaluta ready.

The last month of October saw the light ofdecentralized exchange application (DEX). Lescovex offers additional functionality, offers new connections to the market. By combining a number of onchain options through the DEX and trade with 7 fiat pairs in the centralized exchange version.

The growth experienced by Lescovex in the first months online was largely thanks to new users, as ascertained in the decentralization lists.

At the time of article creation the exchange DEX good the fourth position in the global dApp status list ahead of giants like IDEX e MakerDAO. You can check the ranking here. We point out the point that it is the first place in terms of decentralized exchanges (DEX). The list evaluates the decentralized ecosystem projects and classifies them according to several factors: developer activity, user activity, users in the last 24 hours and the volume of operations in the last week.

Listing a Token with Lescovex DEX is easy, cheap and dark! - Dapp list

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The Lescovex DEX dApp offers decentralized solutions to centralization problems

The world seems to be finally tokenized, and in Lescovex they have already imagined, developed and launched a platform capable of living up to this transition.

Lescovex allows you to traditionally trade on your website or decentralized, thanks to Lescovex DEX; its innovative desktop DAPP in which users from it can issue contracts and exchange tokens in a decentralized way.

At the same time, theapp works like a purse, Facilitare memorize them and, of course, exchanging them though are listed in the DEX. On the other hand we want to emphasize the advantage of being able to top up a Mastercard connected to your wallet to spend in any trade with POS.

The functionality with the rechargeable card closes the ring, generating a decentralized ecosystem, multi-purpose and willing to solve liquidity problems.

In addition to trading tokens, Lescovex trading offers possibilities for creating and listing cryptoassets with a few simple clicks.

Listing an ERC20 token of the ethereum network in your DEX is easy to apply and for 0.5 Eth it's ready in just over a minute. Offering the opportunity to leave to market any newly created project in search of an exchange to the satisfaction of its investors. In the video, therefore, it is appreciated as a tutorial how to list a token in the decentralized market using the dApp.

The top of crypto in fiat EUR, USD, CAD, GBP, CHF, SEK RON

The centralized trading platform (, as indicated on its website and the social channels have planned in the coming months to add new fiat pairs to their markets; meanwhile you can trade the following: Mexico Pesos (MXN), Chinese Yuan (CNY), Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), British Pound (GBP), Swedish Krona (SEK) and Leu Romanian (RON).

At the same time they will open their doors to new blockchain and cryptocurrency projects that require to operate in their markets with all the fiat pairs available.

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Tokenization would not be possible without security in the dApp and web portal

To offer a simple and friendly functionality, we must first focus on one fundamental point, security. The Lescovex safety team complies with the strictest safety standards; This makes it easier to focus efforts on user experience and the implementation of new functions. As they claim on their website, they perform peer reviews of all changes.

Control systems following the OWASP Test Guide and verifying the cryptographic choices. all of this to ensure that both data systems remain secure.

A safe ecosystem is vital for the goal.

A portal where SMEs and people without advanced knowledge can create them, own financial products.

The knowledge gap in the face of near progress thanks to a friendly, simple and fast interface. Professional and quality service, with strong levels of security and 24/24 user support close user experience.

The goal is to comply with all quality standards necessary to acquire regulatory licenses; in any region or nation. This is extremely necessary to be able to operate with safety and guarantees in every regulatory frame.

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Contracts available in the ecosystem created by

Access to non-specialized users in the intelligent programming of pre-programmed smart contracts model contracts. In turn, the preloaded models are configurable and easy to use.

CryptoCoins (CYC)

Payment Token Utility token

Intelligent Revenue Contracts (ISC)

Action token

Debt token

Asset-Backed Tokens (ABT)

Digitization of resources

Hash based digital contracts

Cripto Investment Fund (CIF)

Fixed capital

Variable capital

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The 50% of the profits generated belongs to the owners of the LSCX token

The smart contract star of the platform is the LSCX, the owners of this The token receives 50% of the benefits. It includes the benefits generated by trading in the cryptocurrency exchange. In this way the platform wants to improve the growth and active involvement of your community. The cryptocurrency sector and the application of the blockchain to the industrial sector technology remained; example of this is the growth of ideas and projects
related to the technology emerged in the last 5 years.

Lescovex Roadmap, Q4 objectives brought together to date:

 October 2018 - Launch of the web platform and opening of the markets for cryptoassets.

November 2018 - Desktop app for issuing smart contracts and exchanging Ethereum tokens.

 December 2018 ** - Cryptocurrency exchange with fiat, CNY and MXN pairs.

 December 2018 - Master Card of prepaid card.

December 2018 ** - Exchange of cryptoassets with fiat, CNY and MXN pairs. Completed the level and added more fiat pairs than planned for the date. more information in their communication channels such as Facebook, Twitter e website.

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