Litecoin flies: will the boom last even in the 2018?

Litecoin flies: will the boom last even in the 2018?: some ideas to be able to invest with awareness on one of the best known alternatives to Bitcoin.

Litecoin continues to grind record, with the criptovaluta which has gained almost 6.000% since the beginning of the year. Will the rally still last? Or 2018 will be destined to become the year of the abrupt awakening from the dreams of glory of one of the most famous colleagues of Bitcoin?

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Why Litecoin has grown so much

Difficult to summarize in a few lines the reason why Litecoin has grown so much, in such a short time. In addition to the consolidated correlation with the movements of the Bitcoin (with the criptovaluta more known that it is able to "drag" the whole sector), there are other more specific reasons that have allowed it to Litecoin to overcome every goal, going to grind an increase that in relative terms is even higher than that of the system Bitcoin.

Going back to dealing quickly with the reasons that led Litecoin so high, a first reason is naturally linked within the sector, with some distinctions: Litecoin it is more "scalable" than Bitcoin, and therefore seems to be a better tool to focus on, in the hope that the boom in virtual currencies is not destined to diminish.

Even more in detail, with Bitcoin remaining - according to many technical analysts - in an area of Overbought at the moment, and with Ethereum struggling to keep up the pace, Litecoin is probably one of the most reliable and similar Bitcoin cryptocurrencies on which it could be worth betting.

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Forecasts Litecoin 2018

What about the future? According to most observers, the direction taken by the market is quite clear: the interest on the cryptocurrency alternative like Litecoin it should grow, driven by the need for portfolio diversification and the realization of further gains. In short, a bright future for Litecoin, with the same caution that it would however be necessary to store for each cryptocurrency, in a context of such great fibrillation ...