The NFT CryptoPunk Alien is sold at auction for 7,56 million dollars, it's a record!

The NFT CryptoPunk Alien is sold at auction for 7,56 million dollars, it's a record! - non fungible tokens NFT 1024x682CryptoPunk # 7804, an NFT token showing a teal-colored alien smoking a pipe, sold for a record 4.200 Ethereum (quotation ETH) - an equivalent of $ 7,56 million at the current price.

However, this is only the latest (for now) high-profile purchase involving a non-fungible token (NFT), among many that have taken place recently.

Indeed, this particular sale set a new record for the highest amount paid for an NFT token according to the CryptoSlam data aggregator.

What are CryptoPunks?

Between all this chaos and the popularity NFT tokens have gained in the last period, one of the most popular markets to emerge has been CryptoPunks. Generated by LarvaLabs, CryptoPunks is a collection of 10.000 NFTs depicting unique characters.

Each character has a variety of different attributes, which make him unique and usually has a quirky, punk style. Although most are male or female, there are some rarer types such as monkeys, zombies or aliens.

CryptoPunk # 7804 appears to be an alien, one of only nine out of 10.000 available in total. Its cap, pipe and shades are only shared by a few other CryptoPunks, thus making it stand out even more in the eyes of prospective buyers.

Originally, CryptoPunks were claimed for free by anyone with an Ethereum wallet. However, all 10.000 were quickly claimed and can now only be purchased by someone via the marketplace.

CryptoPunk # 7804 went on sale on February 27 for 4.200 ETH, which at the time was “only” $ 6 million. After seeing a couple of lower offers, it eventually sold for the original selling price, which by then had risen to $ 7,56 million.

The NFT markets

According to CryptoSlam, CryptoPunks destroyed every record for the highest amount paid for an NFT token. Previous record holders were always other monkeys and zombies related to the CryptoPunk universe.

However, the latter really made a void behind it. The second highest amount paid for a CryptoPunk, in fact, was "just" 800 ETH, the equivalent of approximately $ 2 million at the time of the sale.

This latest record purchase also put CryptoPunks at the top of the collectible charts in the past 24 hours, beating the previous holder: NBA Top Shot. In addition, the sale contributed to a 540% increase in the market in the past 24 hours.

And have you ever been interested in buying NFT or ETH tokens, directly or indirectly? If you have thought about it, but still don't know how to move in this world, we recommend that you take a look at our guides.

Creating an NFT today is not impossible and with a few steps and an Ethereum wallet, it is possible to do it on free markets such as OpenSea. Who knows that by creating "your universe", you may not be the next to hold a record!