MasterCard to enter the Crypto world with NFTs after VISA and AmEx

MasterCard to enter the Crypto world with NFTs after VISA and AmEx - 6db8a7bae5As with trademark / service mark applications registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, MasterCard will cover everything from events in the Metaverse to NFTs, technology and other general interests. 

The Metaverse welcomes MasterCard

The financial services provider will also provide entertainment and educational services in the Metaverse and further expand it to other social, cultural and community events.

Through the Metaverse, MasterCard may attempt to provide its financial services to users in the virtual world.

According to another filing found, MasterCard has filed a trademark application for its iconic yellow and red dots, which will be visible on virtual credit, debit and payment cards.

With this, MasterCard aims to push the use of its cards to make transactions across the virtual world. 

It is well known that the Metaverse is mostly uncharted territory with monetary value for as long as the hype exists. But given the big names that have already entered this space, it could live a long time.

So, being a leading financial services provider in that space where LAND lots are sold for a whopping $ 10.000, MasterCard could coin profits.

But the company will also approach NFTs beyond just Metaverse services. Regarding the same, a filing stated:

“Downloadable music files authenticated by non-fungible tokens (NFT); downloadable multimedia files containing works of art, text, audio and video authenticated by non-fungible tokens (NFT) ”.

These NFTs will be under the “PRICELESS” label, which has also been the company's advertising campaign since 1997.

But MasterCard isn't the only one taking advantage of this space, as other large public companies and even exchanges are preparing to enter the virtual world.

Others are coming

As FXEmpire reported a while ago, the New York Stock Exchange (NASDAQ shares : NYSE) promptly asked similar questions to expand to NFTs and Metaverse, focusing on digital currencies and virtual retail stores.

Likewise, the likes of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell have also taken this approach to announce their entry into the Metaverse.

At this point, it seems like everyone and anyone who can is using the Metaverse more as a marketing strategy and less as a real-world alternative.