McAfee distances itself from Bitcoin and calls its $ 1 million bet a "ploy"

McAfee distances itself from Bitcoin and calls its $ 1 Million bet a "ploy" - McAfee Warns Bitcoin Investors To Stop Watching The Bitcoin Price Action Very CloseRecently, a heated and witty discussion took place on Twitter in the Crypto environment: John McAfee should literally eat his penis if in the next twelve months he loses his known bet. The controversial businessman and former Bitcoin bull (BTC), however, is retracing his steps regarding that promise.

Bitcoin an outdated technology?

The Cryptoverse has been waiting to see if one of the most outrageous and riskier promises - especially given the volatility of the crypto market and its notorious unpredictability - would really have been honored.

Apparently it will not be, given that McAfee is currently cursing everyone who thought for a moment that such a promise could ever be true. Not only that, but he claims to be gaining the merit of his masterful "stratagem for onboarding users", considering it successful, while simultaneously defining Bitcoin "old technology - first of its kind, but not the future."

But all those who are following the story passionately do not seem convinced, and with absolute and infinite goliardia are reminding the entrepreneur that a promise is a promise, also asking "what will all the children think". McAfee, however, proves relentless by reacting in a colorful and annoyed way to the pressing questions that come from the media and social media.

Too optimistic forecasts?

In July 2017, McAfee predicted for the first time that BTC would hit USD 500.000 in three years and that he himself would eat his penis if that didn't happen, adding that he never loses a bet. Now perhaps he is thinking about it, but in the last three years he has often raised the dose, even increasing the price of BTC to 1 million dollars by the end of 2020, proving himself adamant on this forecast. He cited his promise again, confirming it, only a month ago. is still calculating how much BTC should rise in a year, and although you never know with cryptocurrencies, it doesn't seem realistic to expect it to jump so high. There is also a site called The Dickening Countdown, which, counts down to 'dickening' (the moment McAfee will eat his penis), and although the site pointed out McAfee's change in mentality, he says that "according to contacts in Buenos Aires and Paris, good bitcoiners continue to plan Dickening-themed parties for the 2021 New Year. "

Presumably to take as much distance as possible from this repeated claim so many times, when he was recently asked for the price of Bitcoin in two years, McAfee said, “It doesn't matter. Bitcoin is irrelevant in the world of cryptocurrencies ". Instead, he recommends Monero for privacy and Ethereum for smart contracts.