Melania Trump surprises Bitcoin fans by celebrating the 13th anniversary of the Bitcoin Genesis block

Melania Trump surprises Bitcoin fans by celebrating the 13th anniversary of the Bitcoin Genesis block - autumn hair color 2020 new blonde look for melania trump 1606310599Donald Trump, a former US president, is well known for strongly criticizing cryptocurrencies while defending the dollar, but his wife disagrees.

The opinion of the former US president

President Donald Trump has spoken out against cryptocurrencies so many times. In October 2021, Trump voiced concerns about China's digital Yuan and Bitcoin (quotation BTC). He believes cryptocurrencies can undermine the dollar's independence and stagnate the country's financial system.

Trump's opinion remains the same on cryptocurrencies. Recently in an interview with Fox, Business Trump said the fall in crypto could be significant, much bigger than the tech company bubble, possibly referring to the Internet bubble, which occurred in the 2000s.

“I have never loved Crypto because I like having the dollar, I like that the only currency is the dollar, so I am never a big Crypto fan, and nobody is doing anything to stop Crypto. Look, I want a coin called Dollar, I don't want to have all these other currencies, and there may be an explosion one day, which we have never seen. It will make the great technological explosion seem like child's stuff. I think Crypto is a very dangerous thing ”.

Melania has already embraced NFTs

On the other hand, his wife is venturing into NFTs. He launched “Melania's Vision” NFT in collaboration with Marc-Antoine Coulon. According to Melania Trump, her work combines her two passions, art and a willingness to help other people.

He recently wished Bitcoin a happy 13th anniversary:

“It has been widely reported that Bitcoin's market capital exceeds $ 1 trillion. Today marks the 13th anniversary of the Bitcoin Genesis Block. Happy Anniversary".

On January 3, 2009, the Genisis block was first mined by Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Since then, the day is widely celebrated by Bitcoin lovers around the world, including Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Melania also admired Bitcoin in her tweet, which reached a market share of $ 1 trillion.

For 13 years, Bitcoin has proven to be very resilient, remaining the most popular cryptocurrency globally and reaching a market capitalization of over $ 1 trillion. The strength of the Bitcoin network is backed by an active community of developers who help maintain and improve the network as they work on the open-source core of Bitcoin.

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