Messi has his own NFT: unique art for a unique player 

Messi has his own NFT: unique art for a single player - messi 1024x576Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique. Archived on a blockchain, they are one of a kind. They cannot be replaced and cannot be violated or tampered with.

They are above all art. They have a lot of the moment, of our digital times. And in many cases they can be valuable. Very, very valuable. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that Lionel Messi, who is himself one of a kind, an artist of our time and whose gaming contracts continue to deal with stupid money, is dating his NFTs. Enter: The Messiverse!

The craze has taken hold

NFTs can be so valuable that one sold at Christie's London auction house for $ 69 million earlier this year.

"Art, like football, is eternal," Messi said in a statement provided exclusively to ESPN. “Art is also evolving and digital art (NFT) is another way to connect with fans. That is why I am delighted to launch my first official NFT thanks to the efforts of BossLogic and Ethernity, who have designed these four series of collections based on their experience and criteria. I hope the fans will appreciate how much I like it ”.

BossLogic - apparently one of the biggest names in digital art, with previous work for Marvel Studios and Disney - has created the exclusive images, which reflect Messi's many career successes, and the Messiverse collection will be available for purchase on the platform. Ethernity starting August 20. BossLogic's three NFTs include “Man from the Future”, “Worth the Weight” and “The King Piece,” as well as a piece not yet published by the creative agency Impossible Brief.

Will Messi once again be the "most expensive in the world"?

“The collection is a collection of pieces of art that outline successes, moments, team love and future goals, focusing primarily on the man himself,” said BossLogic. “I had the honor and privilege of creating a series of pieces for the icon; go down in history as its first singular drop NFT ”.

The Barcelona captain is just the latest sports icon to jump on the bandwagon of the NFT, with Muhammad Ali and Pelé already present in the Ethernity collections.

In March, a Beeple image collage sold for $ 69 million, making it the most expensive NFT in the world. As Messi approaches a new contract with Barcelona, ​​one that will almost certainly see him cut his salary, perhaps his NFT can help bridge that gap.