Meta begins testing NFTs on Instagram, and is preparing to launch them on Facebook as well

Meta starts testing NFTs on Instagram, and prepares to launch them on Facebook too - NFTs Are Coming To InstagramThe explosion of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) last year overwhelmed not only crypto niche organizations, but every major mainstream company, platform and brand as well.

Meta brings NFTs

After revealing the start of NFT exploration for its social media platforms, Meta finally announced today that the feature is now in testing and will soon roll out to Instagram and Facebook.

As reported by FXEmpire, Meta has been eyeing this space since December last year, when the CEO of Instagram stated that the platform intends to make NFTs accessible to a wider audience.

And today, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself said they are actively testing the same. Zuckerberg, on Facebook, commented:

“We are starting to build for NFTs not only in our Metaverse and Reality Labs work, but also across our entire family of apps. We are starting to test digital collectibles on Instagram so that creators and collectors can showcase their NFTs. "

He also stated that the company will soon bring the same functionality to Facebook as well, as well as integrate augmented reality with NFTs to allow users to project them into physical 3D spaces in their Instagram Stories.

Twitter leads the way

In early January of this year, Twitter enabled the ability to view their Ethereum-based NFTs (quotation ETH) as a profile picture with a distinct frame.

While Meta plans to do this for free, Twitter has made it available to its users for a $ 3 fee, which has been criticized by many people, including current owner Elon Musk.

Calling it a waste of engineering resources, Tesla's CEO even went so far as to make a collage of BAYC NFT as his Twitter profile picture recently, to show that the feature doesn't do much for NFT owners.

In line with the same, Musk tweeted:

I don't know… it looks a bit fungible

After the social media giant, other platforms like Reddit and OnlyFans have also announced their intention to enable a similar feature.