Military.Finance launches a new cryptocurrency to help veterans

Military.Finance launches a new cryptocurrency to help veterans - veter flag salute 25066494 ver1.0 1024x683Military.Finance has partnered with the non-profit foundation, the Heart of a Lion Foundation, in parallel with the launch of a new cryptocurrency. The company's goal is to provide financial support and relief to those who have served their country and their families after returning home.

Who is this offer for?

The company was able to partner with this charity after discovering that it is one of the few charities capable of accepting cryptocurrency donations. It also helped ease some legal hurdles on behalf of both parties involved. This new currency is available for purchase on Pancake Swap as $ MIL and all proceeds will be donated to help provide mental, physical and wellness support to America's veterans.

Major Ed Pulido, United States Army (retired) with the Heart of a Lion Foundation said, “We are very excited about the partnership and working with people we trust. It is a great opportunity for people who can now invest into something that can support the veteran community ”. is trying to solve big problems then. The three most common mental health problems for veterans are post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and brain trauma (TBI). According to the New Harvard-Public, 1,53 million veterans are currently uninsured and 2 million cannot afford treatment. uses blockchain technology to allocate funds directly with charities that share the same mission. Major Ed Pulido and The Heart of a Lion Foundation are the first partners selected by the board of directors for their history and background with the veteran community. is looking to partner with multiple organizations with the same goal of helping veterans. Non-profit organizations interested in becoming recipients of funds can send an email to [email protected] to request further information.

How to buy Military.Finance

The Military.Finance purchase process is simple. Just go to PancakeSwap, enter the amount of $ MIL you wish to purchase and submit your request. Once you have purchased the tokens, just wait for the value to increase.

About Military.Finance

Military.Finance is a decentralized, community-centered project for military veterans. Basically, the project helps link members of the military and charitable organizations to cryptocurrencies. With Military.Finance, veterans will be able to farm, lend, invest and earn passive income from the crypto ecosystem.

The aim of the project is very clear: to empower members of the Military.Finance community and reward them for helping people in need. Military.Finance also rewards those who purchase and own the $ MIL token. The project is ready to maintain its mandate and also strengthen trust and transparency.

Shawn Burst, Marketing Director of Military.Finance, says, "We have assembled a team of developers, marketers, entrepreneurs and military personnel who are not only incredibly talented, but also extremely passionate about helping the heroes of our Great Country." .