Moneygram and Ripple a collaboration that makes the company fly to Wall Street

The partnership that you are articulating between Moneygram and Ripple brought excellent results on the stock exchange for the US-based money transfer company operating worldwide. In fact, Moneygram's shares in Wall Strett saw an increase of 155% more immediately after the news of the agreement with the criptovaluta Ripple (see the Ripple listing).

The news reaches Wall Street after another within the cryptocurrency i.e. the arrival of Facebook's new digital currency, Pound. Indeed during the day yesterday Libra's presentation had already moved the stock exchanges, as the virtual currency could involve the whole world of transactions at different levels, given the catchment area equal to 2,4 billions of Facebook people. 

Moneygram and Ripple: the partnership comes 

As also explained by Radiocor, what has put the turbo to the title of Moneygram making it rise 155%, with a significant doubling from the first time on Wall Street, is due precisely to this new partnership with the new cryptocurrency Ripple. This collaboration requires Moneygram to use the digital currency Ripple XRP (See how to buy ripple) in his daily activities. According to what was reported in the agreement, Ripple decided to pay about $ 4,10 per share to be able to win a stake in Moneygram between 8 and 10%.

The investment has a value of 30 million and Moneygram has the option of receiving another 20 million over the next two years. According to Ripple, this is a great opportunity for promotion the use of X-Rapid, the product designed to be able to transfer XRP and consequently to be able to re-introduce the digital currency in the 200 countries where Moneygram currently operates.

So in the last two days Wall Street has been very lively first by the news introduced by Facebook and subsequently by Moneygram and Ripple. Demonstrating how cryptocurrencies are the grade to influence the traditional market.