Nasdaq, two cryptocurrency indexes arrive

Nasdaq, two cryptocurrency indexes arrive. Two new indicators arrive on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Nasdaq, two cryptocurrency indexes arrive - nasdaq3 1024x563

From the next February 25, on the GIDS platform of the Nasdaq, the second largest stock market in the world by capitalization, two indices linked to the cryptocurrency market will appear. these are Bitcoin Liquid Index (BLX) and Ethereum Liquid Index (ELX), created by Brave New Coin.

The official announcement was made on the website, according to which BLX and ELX aim to provide in real time a spot or reference rate for the price of Bitcion and Ethereum, quoted in dollars, and based on the most liquid ends of the their markets.

The two indices should help to capture quotes from different exchanges, in order to help traders in Bitcoin and Ethereum price discovery. The data thus obtained will be distributed to customers in the data feed, which includes 40.000 relevant indexes.