Nasdaq confirms: 7 exchange collaborate for technological development

Nasdaq confirms: 7 exchange collaborate for technological development. The technology of the American stock exchange is tempting to cryptocurrencies ...

Nasdaq confirms: 7 exchange collaborate for technological development - NASDAQ

According to a representative of Nasdaq during an interview with Forbes, seven cryptocurrency exchange experts are putting in place some agreements of understanding with the Nasdaq in order to exploit the technology of the Exchange, even if only two, Gemini and SBI Virtual Currency, have been advertised in a formal manner. In short, the intention seems to be clear from these operators to be able to attract new customers through the "guarantee" of the use of Nasdaq's safe technology.

More in detail, during a briefing held a few days the Nasdaq surveillance team, and especially the representative Tony Sio, who works in the market supervision division, shared the questions to which each exchange of cryptocurrency must respond within a broader presentation on the state of the industry.

"Historically, we don't do such a large audit process for our customers because they are much better known," Sio said. "But when we started working with lesser-known names, startups, we realized we needed to put this verification process in place."

Although the meeting with the press was purely educational, in a subsequent interview Sio gave Forbes further clarification, explaining how his team of legal and technical experts uses the criteria to evaluate possible customers based on risk .

Beyond the more technical aspects, it is interesting to note that what emerges from the interview is that the Nasdaq is actually worried about those who are using cryptocurrency assets, and how they are used. We will see if, and how, the information sharing process will undergo a potential change.