NEO new partnership with Nahmii in the 2020

NEO new partnership with Nahmii in the 2020 - Blockchain

The NEO cryptocurrency announced a new partnership with nahmii. This collaboration will allow him to achieve better interoperability and scalability in the 2020. The agreement signed last week will also help him to get lower and at the same time lower fees be able to speed up transactions. 

Nahmii will also allow you to build a bridge between the Ethereum blockchain and NEO, so these will work better together and create a fruitful collaboration. 

After this step, the next one for NEO will be to be able to increase its interoperability with another blockchain, namely that of Bitcoin, and this it will always be possible through nahmii. 

Nahmii is a second level layer, active from 2018 on Ethereum and which helps the various blockchains to increase their scalability. In a nutshell, nahmi uses smart contracts to better manage onchain transactions. After that you can move part of these on a layer on a secondary plane works offchain and which makes it possible to make the main layer leaner. 

Once nahmii is activated on NEO, it will be possible to activate the atomic swap between NEO and ETH. After that there will be the possibility of doing the same thing with Bitcoin through Rootstock. 

In this context, the CEO stated that: the company is pleased to be able to work with NEO to ensure better interoperability between large-scale blockchains. Indeed, with the use of nahmii, users who have chosen NEO will have the opportunity to enjoy above-average connectivity and performance, thanks to the union of Ethereum and NEO in a fluid way for the first time. The developers of NEO, Bitcoin and Ethereum, they can then use a single interface in order to create products on different blockchains, determining the future of interoperability. 

Finally, the NEO Global Development, Sarah Song, stated that: the porting of nahmii's smart contracts on NEO, it will help the cryptocurrency to improve interoperability, a considerable advantage to help the mass adoption of this cryptocurrency. For this reason we look forward to the solutions of nahmii are operational for NEO.