Have known exchanges "inflated" trading volumes?

Have known exchanges "inflated" trading volumes? A recent study opens up quite worrying scenarios ...

Have known exchanges “inflated” trading volumes? - bittrade

According to what the number of December 2018 di 'Exchange Volumes Report' by The Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI), of twenty-five known exchange di criptovaluta only two reported actual and reliable trading volumes.

In other words, BTI strongly believes that only two of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance e Bitfinex, represented their original trading volumes. Second Coinmarketcap - remember - among the world volume rankings Binance is in third place, while Bitfinex is in 21 place. The BTI report also tells us that Upbit is in third place, in addition to the fact that Coinmarketcap has maintained its 39 place. The ranking is followed by Kraken, Coinbase, Bitstamp, Bitflyer, Poloneix, Bittrex and Gate.io, which respectively occupy the 27 °, 34 °, 41 °, 54 °, 62 °, 50 ° and 55 ° place in the report published by Coinmarketcap.

"Only one of the top twenty exchanges classified by Coinmarketcap should actually be placed in the top 10" - says BTI, stressing that apart from that exchange, "the others are not even close to it and are therefore falsely positioned".

This is obviously an alarming dossier, which contributes to raising several questions regarding the authenticity of the exchanges, and which questions their rankings ...