New Ledger Nano X: over 100 wallet hardware coins

As we now know, Ledger specializes in hardware storage devices for cryptocurrency, their devices are commonly called Hardware Wallet because they have a physical structure, proposing 2 solutions, shaped like a usb pen, in the shape of a small smartphone.

These products are called Nano S and Ledger Blue, they are very different from each other, one has a USB pen shape and has only 2 buttons to manage it, the other is very advanced with wifi and touch.

The new Ledger X

The new Ledger X, the evolution of the Ledger Nano, was presented a few days ago.

Let's see the features:

  • has bluetooth device
  • more than 100 app available
  • backup

New Ledger Nano X: beyond 100 wallet hardware coins - nano ledger x

Comparison Ledger S and Ledger X

In reality they are very similar, the substantial evolutionary difference is the bluetooth that allows you to connect the Ledger X directly to the cell phone without connecting it to the computer.

It is certainly very convenient, and finally unties us from the PC.

And the Ledger S?

He will not retire for the moment, but will continue to coexist, very useful for those who holda and do not need to check their investment often.


Ledger nano X 119 euro

Ledger nano s 59 euro

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What do you think about it? Would you change your nano s ledger for Ledger X?