New cryptocurrency rally: Bitcoin and Ethereum on the upside

New cryptocurrency rally: Bitcoin and Ethereum on the upside. End of weeks of surges for the main cryptocurrencies.

New cryptocurrency rally: Bitcoin and Ethereum on the upside - crypto errors

Many expected that Bitcoin it would have failed to overcome the resistance at $ 4.000, as it has done several times this year. Instead, BTC managed to break through this threshold, settling on $ 4.200. A movement that helped drag the rest of the altcoins up to a new high in 2019 in terms of market cap.

Cryptocurrency markets are in fact currently trading at the highest levels of 2019, with market capitalization close to the Christmas Eve rally, which has brought the total value of the assets to 146 billion dollars. In the last 24 hours, the capitalization has grown by about 9 billion dollars, thus opening up a good margin of development for the first part of the week. The daily volume is once again higher than 30 billion dollars and OKEx and Binance are the two main exchanges in terms of operations, with about one billion dollars of exchanges.

As anticipated, Bitcoin led the dances, breaking the 4.000 dollar resistance and aiming for the 4.200 dollars, up more than the 5 in one day. However, two other crypto assets that currently dominate the scenario are Ethereum and EOS. Ethereum it rose about 12% on the day it hit $ 165. The daily volume went up to $ 5 billion.

EOS he's the other big star at the moment, making a 12% jump over the weekend and hitting $ 4,30. Since the beginning of the year, EOS has made an impressive recovery of 67% and has consolidated itself as the fourth most important currency among cryptocurrencies. Litecoin is also doing very well, with a 7% surge above $ 52. NEO also did well, growing 20% ​​to $ 10,60.