Nuvo is building a blockchain-based decentralized communications ecosystem for Africa and beyond

It is a surprise to most people that the network we know as the "world-wide web" is in many respects non-worldwide, for example, platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Istagram have long been banned in the People's Republic of China, followed by a ban on WhatsApp in the 2017.

Another example is general access to Internet in Eritrea, where less than 1,18% of the population of over 4,4 million people use the Internet.

Even more shocking, a 2016 study by theUniversity of Cambridge it revealed that more than sixty countries engage in a state-sponsored form of censorship from the Internet.

With different forms of social progress that rely on unrestricted Internet access, many parts of the world are left in the dark if they cannot access news or information and communicate with their peers in the same way as most of others.

Nuvo is building a decentralized communications ecosystem based on the blockchain for Africa and beyond - NUVO.CASH

Applications and communities will be governed by the voting power of individual users

Nuvo Cash Ltd., based in the United Kingdom (known as "Nuvo Cash ") has developed the network of blockchain Nuvo to address Internet censorship and usage issues that have economic, social and political implications.

The Nuvo blockchain network is a base or "basic level" on which you can easily create decentralized applications and social media community.

These applications and communities will be governed by the voting power of individual users, without being subject to any central authority that can control what is or is not done. Where traditional social media networks function effectively as dictatorships, applications and communities on the Nuvo blockchain they function as democracies, introducing freedoms that would otherwise be impossible in many regions.

The best way to think about the Nuvo blockchain network is its own iteration of the Internet, which allows you to build applications and create communities (just like websites on the regular Internet), with particular attention to user freedom and an underlying protocol that performs two key complementary functions ...

i) Resistance to censorship News feeds on social media communities based on the Nuvo blockchain network are ranked based on user ratings. That is, if your colleagues in a community believe that an article or post is interesting and relevant, their upvotes will ensure that such content has a high ranking. Conversely, if your peers are feeling negatively about a post, their downvotes will likewise ensure that poor content is moved to better content. We would all think that this is exactly how traditional social media networks classify news feeds, but it turned out years ago that was not the case, and there were highly calculated biases that contaminated the integrity of notizie5.

(Ii) Incentive economy As you can see, user participation is the backbone of the blockchain mechanism that maintains the quality of news feeds on Nuvo-based social media communities. That is, without users actively posting good content, there is nothing that other users can see and appreciate. Likewise, without that users vote on the content to determine whether it is good or bad, there is insufficient data to determine what should be ranked high or low in the news feed. For this reason, the Nuvo blockchain is programmed to pay users with NUVO tokens (the cryptocurrency that owns the network) in exchange for all forms of involvement. In short, that's exactly what it seems ... users are only paid for using social media as they normally would, because the input provided by their actions provides a material advantage to each community.

Most likely, you are wondering what is the value of NUVO tokens. In short, NUVO tokens are equivalent to influencing the Nuvo blockchain network.

That is, the more NUVO, the greater the influence on the NUVO ecosystem. This influence can be used on Nuvo's social media communities (that is to say more incisive votes, greater visibility of the posts), as well as on governance issues related to the Nuvo blockchain network itself. As we all know, power and money go hand in hand, which is the easiest way to think of the value proposition of NUVO token.

In the NUVO whitepaper, there is a section that provides more detail on why NUVO tokens have a value:

Jamaa is a fully functioning community on the Nuvo Blockchain network

Currently, there is a fully functioning community in the Nuvo blockchain network called Jamaa. Jamaa (which means "friend" in Swahili) it is built for users in Africa, a region where internet censorship is a big deal. For example, social media websites suddenly became available in parts of Africa during the election.

The weaknesses of the news feed algorithms resulting from the ignorance of the networks with respect to the needs of African users have also been exploited by the bad guys to gain political influence.

Like all Nuvo-based communities, Jamaa offers users the opportunity to earn and use NUVO tokens.

In less than six months of activity, Jamaa has accumulated a base of over 15.000 users, also attracting users internationally from Russia, Canada and Indonesia. Yesterday, Jamaa acquired an iconic user named Kyle Kemper (

Kemper is a famous visionary of blockchain technology and is the half-brother of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Nuvo Cash will launch its second GameKarma social community (for gamers) in May 2019, with additional community launch plans for India, Southeast Asia and the Philippines.

Nuvo Cash announced that it would launch Nuvo Chat

Furthermore, Nuvo Cash announced that it would launch Nuvo Chat, a decentralized VoIP communication platform based on the Nuvo blockchain network. Nuvo Chat will allow users to benefit from the same protections as Nuvo-based social media communities (i.e. immunity to censorship). Nuvo Chat is part of the overview Nuvo Cash to offer users a truly decentralized way of interacting and democratic, through social media announcements, messages, group discussions or voice / video calls.

To provide the first participants in the Nuvo blockchain network with the opportunity to obtain a stake in the initial supply of NUVO tokens, an initial exchange offer for NUVO launched on ProBit on Friday, April 12, 2019. At the time of this writing, six cryptocurrencies are accepted as payment for NUVO tokens (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Steem, Ripple and PROB ProBit ProBit token) and on ProBit you can get bonuses of up to 10%.

Nuvo has already received media coverage in connection with the sale of NUVO tokens. Shortly before the sale began, the Korean branch of Asia Today published an article on Nuvo ( With many Asian countries ready to benefit from the capabilities of the Nuvo blockchain network, this media attention reflects the international interest in the Nuvo blockchain network, even in its early stages.

The NUVO crowdsale token can be accessed on ProBit at

Further information on Nuvo is available on its main website at

Nuvo's first Jamaa network is accessible from Registration is free and easy, and NUVO tokens can be earned from the start.

If you have any questions about Nuvo, don't hesitate to visit his official Telegram discussion group at

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