Omar Sy is a famous French comedian who marked the 21st century of cinema in France. He has received many accolades throughout his career, including the Best Actor Award from the Crystal Globe for his role in The Intouchables. As with other celebrities, there are many rumors around the web that Omar Sy has invested in Bitcoin through automated trading platforms.

But are these claims credible or not? Our research showed us that there is actually no evidence to support Omar investing in Bitcoin through trading platforms such as Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Trader. These rumors undoubtedly come from fraudulent gossip websites. However, this does not mean that these platforms are equally fraudulent. Would you like to know more? Keep reading!

What websites say about Omar Sy and his involvement in Bitcoin

Omar enjoys considerable fame in the world of French and international cinema. He debuted on Radio Nova in 1996, where he met his lifelong accomplice Fred Testot. Subsequently, he participated in numerous film productions both in France and abroad.

Nominated several times for numerous international awards, it is his participation in the film Intouchables, which would have earned him the award for best actor awarded by the Crystal Globe. After enjoying great success with The Untouchables, Omar sets off on an adventure to Hollywood where he starred in famous films such as X-Men: Days of Future Past, Good People and Inferno.

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He receives a salary of 3,4 million euros per year. In 2013, he earned nearly one million euros for his stake in Chocolat.

Rich and famous, there is no shortage of rumors about the possibility that Omar has invested in Bitcoin through trading systems. As with other famous public figures, it is very common for movie stars or famous people in general to be presented as advisors to these automatic trading systems, most often from dubious gossip sites.

But are these rumors true? Read the rest of this article to find out all about whether Omar Sy really invested in Bitcoin trading software.

Bitcoin Revolution

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Created in 2017, Bitcoin Revolution is automatic trading software that claims to execute transactions in just 0,01 seconds.

With its algorithm governed by Machine Learning technology, the software returns crypto trading signals a fraction of a second faster than many other Bitcoin robots available on the market. The signals emitted by the platform robot must therefore, in principle, determine whether there will be a potential increase or decrease in the price of Bitcoins.

The platform prides itself on having an assumed success rate of around 90%, as well as an assumed daily profit of $ 1.000. However, we urge you to pay attention to these statements. In fact, it is virtually impossible to guarantee any type of gain, due to the very volatile nature of the financial markets. These assumed rates are therefore not to be taken as absolute truth.

Has Omar Sy invested with Bitcoin Revolution?

Most of the rumors linking Omar to Bitcoin say that it was through Bitcoin Revolution that Omar invested in bitcoin. However, based on our research on the actor pages and those of Bitcoin Revolution, we have no information or evidence in this regard.

These rumors were posted by fraudulent gossip sites with the aim of using the actor's image to drive maximum traffic to their pages. If you see any sites linking Omar Sy to Bitcoin Revolution, be careful.

How does this trading robot work?

As mentioned above, this robot works with Machine Learning programs. Bitcoin Revolution revealed that the robot works best when running over a 10 minute interval and the Fibonacci strategy is used.

But remember that even if you adopt a so-called optimal strategy, you still expose yourself to possible risks of loss. Finally, we can add that Bitcoin Revolution works with brokers regulated by the financial authorities.

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Bitcoin Trader

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Bitcoin Trader is an automated trading software just like Bitcoin Revolution. It claims to be able to increase the yield of Bitcoin and other digital assets, thanks to advanced robots.

Created in 2017 by Gary Roberts, Bitcoin Trader offers automated trading services. It is free and easy to use software.

So, you don't need in-depth trading knowledge to use this robot. In fact, anyone can start trading digital currencies with Bitcoin Trader.

We note on the other hand that the platform claims that its alleged earnings are $ 1.300 per day. Again, pay attention to this statement which sounds "too good to be true". Financial markets are very volatile and therefore no platform can ever guarantee you a certain daily profit or anything else.

Has Omar Sy invested with Bitcoin Trader?

Omar Sy did not invest in Bitcoin Trader. The reason is simple: Omar has never invested in cryptocurrencies. The actor has never publicly stated any affiliation with the platform and the products it offers.

Furthermore, if that were the case, Bitcoin Trader would undoubtedly have conveyed this information loud and clear. If true, you would find this information on the Bitcoin Trader homepage because Omar is a very well-known film character in France and internationally.

How does this software known as Bitcoin Trader work?

The software was developed with an advanced algorithm capable of analyzing the movements of the cryptocurrency market. Use historical market data as well as fundamental and technical analysis to check market conditions. Even if these instruments were in principle to perform the most profitable operations in the world, it must be remembered that they cannot be infallible and that losses can also be expected.

According to this platform, the alleged success rate is apparently 92%. The alleged profits are up to 1300 euros per day. Having said that, you have to beware of these earnings shouted from the rooftops, which are in no way guaranteed and seem a bit exaggerated.

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Bitcoin Code

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Bitcoin Code is an auto trading software created by Steve McKay. Its goal: to try to predict a rise or fall in the price of cryptocurrencies.

This trading robot actually claims to be software to intelligently trade Bitcoin. Therefore, it uses advanced algorithms to execute digital forex trading automatically and manually on behalf of users.

Bitcoin Code it also claims to be a platform with a 99,4% success rate and claims that users can make profits of up to $ 1.000 per day. But again, beware of these promises that seem too good to be true. The alleged gains are not guarantees of success and losses are equally possible.

Omar Sy invested with Bitcoin Code?

The rumors that Omar had invested with this platform are not numerous, but they are still completely false. We would like to inform you that Omar Sy never mentioned using Bitcoin Code. It also hasn't announced that it wants to buy Bitcoin through Bitcoin Code in the future.

The few rumors on this subject have been spread for advertising purposes by fraudulent marketing pages. These people want to increase their sales with the image of the star, without his knowledge.

How it works Bitcoin Code?

The programming language used to create Bitcoin Code is one of the most advanced in the field of automatic platforms. Its sophisticated algorithm allows it to anticipate the market by 0,01 seconds.

On the other hand, the software claims to have a very accurate analysis speed, over 99,4%. Without being able to say that this rate is real, it is the alleged highest rate in the industry.

Finally, Bitcoin Code shows an attractive presumed rate of return. Apparently users using the robot could earn up to $ 1.000 per day without in-depth knowledge of trading and without spending hours with it. Once again, however, I would like to emphasize that: these statements are not a guarantee. Bitcoin Code he cannot promise you any gains whatsoever, and capital losses are as possible as gains.

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Conclusions: Has Omar Sy ever traded cryptocurrencies?

We have shown you that Omar Sy has not invested in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies through trading software such as Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Trader. The rumors that can be read online are completely devoid of any foundation and should therefore be ignored.

We've also seen that auto trading platforms are quite functional, but they appear to be misleading not just because of their pumped-up marketing, but also because of their success rates and purported earnings. Also, some people claim to profit from these auto trading platforms, but others fail on the first try.

If you want to know more, we recommend that you read our reviews. We therefore remind you that investing on these platforms always involves risks. If you want to start trading Bitcoin, it is advisable to read some insights and use their demo versions to better understand how they work!