Orbis: transfer money in cryptocurrencies

Orbis Blockchain 5.0

Technology offers our customers an advantage, providing a generational leap towards one Blockchain 5.0 more secure and reliable, capace of over 1.000.000 of transactions per secondcompeting with the largest financial companies in the world.

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With the ability to create synergies between cryptocurrencies, adapt to the specific needs of users and divide and reunite, the blockchain of Orbis allows for clearer data flows, faster and more reliable. This allows a user to manage resources in a complex hierarchy through their Orbis coins.

The software mining integrated Orbis 5.0 allows our customers to perform anonymous transactions in a global decentralized network, safely and at no cost.

Mining in less than 0,2 seconds

Active users of the platform will be part of our ecosystem, data mining transactions that will run less than 0,2 seconds.

The local branches of Orbis will also be active in the processing of transactions, having the software integrated in our self-service ATMs, a concept that will create a much safer and indestructible network worldwide.

The online platform houses an easy-to-use integrated wallet that allows customers to perform transactions quickly and easily, bringing a new look, feel and functionality to the traditional online banking service.


Traditional investments and exchanges have been greedily governed by banks, companies and governments that ruthlessly control access, operate in a non-transparent way and ensure that your money is always channeled away from you and to them.

This caused widespread scarce liquidity in the virtual and cryptographic space, also preventing the development of a unique and easy-to-use interface to access the markets for that space.

Even more pressing is that this exclusivity and greed still prevents over 3 billion people worldwide from wasting time. It is here that OrbisSolutions believes that this idea has the maximum purpose: to bring banking solutions to those who need it most.


Orbis: transfer money in cryptocurrencies - orbis ICO tricou

Orbis: transferring money in cryptocurrencies - orbis project