The worst cryptocurrency crash of 2018 worsens

The worst cryptocurrency crash of 2018 worsens. The worst - according to a good part of analysts - may not have arrived yet.

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Il great collapse of the 2018 cryptocurrency he is heading towards his worst week. Bitcoin has in fact sunk towards $ 4.000 and most of the "coworkers" cryptocurrencies have also given way today, extending the weekly drop in the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index to 25%. This is clearly the worst five-day period since crypto-mania peaked in early January.

After an important rally, last year, able to archive many of the most famous bubbles in history, cryptocurrencies got bogged down in a decreasing trend that shows few signs of slowing down. Many of the concerns that triggered the collapse of 2018 - including increased regulatory oversight, internal struggles within the cryptocurrency community, etc. - they also intensified this week and, even after losses of more than 70 percent for most virtual currencies, some analysts believe that the worst is yet to come.

According to several observers, in fact, there would be clear margins of depreciation for the main cryptocurrencies, with the Bitcoin which could soon inaugurate a race towards $ 3.000, dragging the whole market with a view to sell off.