It doesn't matter to Hoskinson whether Cardano is worth $ 1 or $ 10

It doesn't matter to Hoskinson whether Cardano is worth $ 1 or $ 10 - CardanoCardano is perhaps one of the most respectable altcoins in the market, but investor opinions are quite conflicting. Many praised it, because it knows how to be at the forefront and provide something different than other altcoins. Others have demonized him, to the point that people like Hoskinson insult him every time the question is raised.

Therefore, it has been the subject of much heated discussion recently. Cardano is both a cryptocurrency-based network and an open source project. The goal is to offer a public platform that uses blockchain technology for the implementation of smart contracts.

Better to focus on development?

At the time of publication, the price of ADA is currently $ 1,2 and has been floating around this value for some time. Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano, had stated that it is possible that the price eventually reaches $ 10, however, this does not worry him too much, because he would prefer to focus on developing the technological aspects of the project.

Cardano is currently the sixth largest cryptocurrency in the world, having dropped from its previous rank. Just a month ago he was in the top five, so what happened?

Well, it could be argued that Hoskinson's comments regarding potential ADA price fluctuations and how he doesn't appear to be too worried about such a change may have led ADA holders and potential investors to develop a mood of bad mood in their orifices.

Basically, price may not matter to the creator, but it really matters to owners and investors (it's their money at stake after all). And when these individuals hear the progenitor of the project they are advocating, make the above comments, then it is easy to see why some would like to reflect on their position.

Hoskinson made it clear that the reason he would much rather focus on developing the technical aspects of Cardano is that he truly believes in the project and therefore wants it to be the best blockchain in the cryptocurrency industry.

Cardano has certainly gained a lot of attention regarding its potential. One day it is believed that it can actually replace Ethereum, so the creator's comments make sense from a certain point of view.

8.000% increase for ADA despite recent difficulties

Despite ADA's recent growth contraction, the fact that Cardano was able to record 8.000% growth in just one year shouldn't be underestimated at all. Few cryptocurrencies can claim such an achievement, and it was this success that attracted investors to begin with.

It can only be hoped that ADA will thrive in the near future, as Cardano supporters await further returns on their investments and a basis to silence criticism.

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