Why you should keep an eye on these cryptocurrencies: LINK, ONE, HNT, FLOW

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Why you should keep an eye on these cryptocurrencies: LINK, ONE, HNT, FLOW - 195311662 ebd56265 5d7a 4178 9097 819bd2f7b300Bitcoin (quotation BTC / USD) climbed above $ 38.500 last Saturday, but sustaining higher levels wasn't easy. The “crypto flagship” sentiment has closely followed US equity markets in recent days. According to analysts quoted by CoinTelegraph, a short-term rebound in its price is possible.

They add that there could be a potential shift in the upper time frame trend from bearish to bullish. Here are a few more coins to look out for this week.


Chainlink (LINK / USD) has been trading between $ 15 and $ 36 for the past few months. Several attempts to break out of the range have failed. This shows that the bears are selling at the resistance level and the bulls are buying at the support level.

The price has dropped below $ 15 on several occasions in the past few days, but the lower levels could not be sustained. This attracted aggressive buying in an attempt to push the price above the 20-day EMA ($ 18.91). If this happens, the LINK / USDT trading pair could hit $ 25.


Harmony (ONE / USD) was trading between $ 0,16 and $ 0,36. The price has bounced off the support and the bulls will now look to push the ONE / USDT trading pair above $ 0.19. If this happens, the pair could hit $ 0.23. Then, the bears could provoke resistance.

The pair could hit $ 0.28 this week. The bears will try to pull the pair below $ 0.16 if the price starts to fall.


Helium (HNT / USD) plunged ten days ago, but the lower levels could not be sustained. The bulls were quick to buy the $ 20 dip, pushing the price back up. HNT peaked at $ 28,84. For the past three days, the token has been trading between moving averages.

However, experts predict that this wide-ranging trading will be short-lived. The bears may lose their grip as the price has broken out of the downtrend line. The HNT / USDT pair could drop to $ 24 if the price falls below $ 26.


Flow (FLOW / USD) has exhibited a notable downtrend over the past few months. The bears failed to build the lead to pull the price below the strong support at $ 6 on Jan 22nd. The bulls took it above $ 6,41 today. The trend could change if they support the price above the resistance level.

There are signs that the bulls are returning, but if the price falls below the $ 6 support, it will mean that the bears are still aggressively selling at higher levels.