Why Bitcoiners Should Learn to Love DeFi

Why Bitcoiners Should Learn to Love DeFi - Bitcoiners DefiThe ability to save money is an essential component of any financial system. Establishing more avenues for people to get predictable but decent returns on their bitcoins is how we really start to change, the way the world treats money.

Stacking sats

Stacking sats is based on a simple idea: accumulate wealth over time by increasing your bitcoin stack (quotation BTC) and HODLing. Anyone can stack by buying bitcoins regularly or earning them through work or rewards.

The key to this system is that it is consistent and deliberate, with an eye on the long term. If the vision of a decentralized economy is going to win, it is essential that bitcoin continues to be confirmed as the primary means of saving and creating wealth.

Support good projects wherever they are

Bitcoin's usefulness and entrenchment as hard money set it apart from most of the flimsy crypto products born in recent years. Regardless of the benefits of Bitcoin, the world needs a fair and transparent financial system that empowers individuals and not powerful intermediaries.

Hence, any project that promotes this final vision for a new economic system should be supported. The fact that Ethereum is not Bitcoin, that it has constantly generated hype and bubbles, and that it has not yet found a viable long-term solution for scalability, does not mean that it offers nothing of value.

Indeed, Ethereum's top DeFi platforms are doing a truly exciting and innovative job, and they make a promise to advance the cause of a decentralized money future.

MakerDAO operates as a line of credit, fostering liquidity and encouraging more loans when interest rates are low. Compound, with its developer-centric interest rate protocols, enables the savings and loan functions of traditional banks.

In more niche areas, projects like Synthetix offer a version of derivatives trading. Together, these platforms represent the germ of a new financial system.

Seeds of a decentralized economy

DeFi is very real and worth exploring and explaining. Stacking sats means accumulating wealth in a constant, gradual and persistent way over time. And DeFi is in the same spirit when properly implemented (never a sure thing in the Ethereum community).

It's basic finance: DeFi allows people to do things they already do through banks, mutual funds, and other financial institutions. But done right, it delivers these services in a fairer, more transparent, and more rewarding way. So it is no exaggeration to say that DeFi is an ally in achieving a vision it shares with bitcoin: a world of democratized and self-sovereign finance. 

There are a lot of risks in Ethereum and DeFi. Potential investors should always do their due diligence. But DeFi is real. And while there are absolutely “DeFi” platforms that will crash and burn, many of the concepts are valid and carry real opportunities.